Tupelo and Cypress

Site describing abuse at a Mid-Atlantic private school. The school in question has acknowledged that abuse occured, has investigated, and has admitted to a handful of abusers; however, an instituiton investigating itself for sex abuse suffers an inherent conflict-of-interest that poses deep moral concerns, and sources report more abusers were at the school than were in the school's report. Allegedly, people still on the faculty and board knew of the abuse, and alleged abusers are still at the school.... Meanwhile, children elsewhere may be at risk from abusers that the school quietly let go. Some alleged abusers, both named in the report and not, still live in the town.

This site exists to explain the depth and breadth of the abuse in order to give comfort to survivors and their families, to protect children here and elsewhere, and to chastise the community that allowed this abuse to occur.


Understanding this website

Time Chart

Chart of years the different abusers were at the school, including those still there


Information on the different abusers

Who Knew?

Who knew what, when. Contains a time chart of years when different people who knew were at the school, including those still there

What Happened?

What differnet abusers did. Area still largely under construction.

Other Schools and Institutions

Where the abusers were before they taught at this school, and after


Students who were abused who died of suicide, alcoholism, accident, or drug abuse.


Places of significance in this narrative. Many are places where abuse is known to have occured.


Notes and information that doesn't fit anywhere else. To include thoughts and speculations about the abuse.

Rules for Keeping Kids Safe

There is no sure way to keep your child safe at this school, but these rules may help.

Questions for the School

The school has much to answer for, now and going forward. Here are some of the things it should think about. Parents of children who attend and parents who are considering sending their children should think of these things, too.

Questions for the Community

TBD.... It is likely that hundreds of people knew of the abuse. Are these traditions we, as a people, wish to pass down?

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