How to Read this Site

Information on how to read this site and its charts.


This site concerns abuse at a private pre-k through 12 private school in the Mid-Atlantic. This site tracks abusers and adults who knew of the abuse and did not go to the authorities. It also lists other institutions where the abusers worked and gives tips to parents on how to keep their children safe.

How do I know if this site refers to a school I know?

Basically, someone tells you, or you guess.

Why not say the school's name?

Fear. They've covered up abuse for 5 decades. Some current members of the board knew. Many board members have known over the years. There's a lot of power there, and this isn't a large community. I don't want the school coming after me, and I don't want someone showing up at my door with a shotgun.

How true is this?

As true as I can make it. Basically, if I hear something concerning the abuse and believe it, I put it down.


This site does not track survivors unless they also fall into another category. A survivor who falls into another category might be a survivor who went on to abuse children at the school. It also might be a survivor who went on to work at the school, and is therefore an adult associated with the school who knows about the abuse. Survivors who decided to send their children to the school are not tracked here, unless they also fall into another category (such as faculty).

If the child of a person of interest (abuser, person who knew and did nothing) is known to have been abused, this site will discuss them, but will try to obscure the details of their identity.

Why not discuss survivors?

Because innocent people have a right to their dignity.

Didn't anyone step foward

Yes, many people did. They're only discussed here in the most general terms. Many people who came forward were given institutional hell by the school. They don't deserve more hell.

Do the police have the names of the people listed here?



Each entity (person, institution, other) receives a unique serial number. They are known by this number throughout the site.

  • Abusers receive numbers from between 100 and 9999.
  • People who knew receive numbers from between 10,000 and 100,000 with a -k appended to their number.
  • People who were close to the situation but who may not have known receive a number between 10,000 and 100,000 with a -b appended to their number. (If it's found that they knew, this will change to a k, but the number will otherwise remain.)
  • Schools have "sch" in their serial number and are appended with letters:
    • L for local schools
    • MA for Mid-Atlantic schools that are not local
    • N for northern schools
    • S for schools in the south
    • MW for schools in the Mid-West
    • I for international schools
    • Ot for other types of educational institutions
  • Non-school places follow the same naming convention with oth instead of sch in their serial number
  • Students who were allegedly abused who died of suicide, alcoholism, accident, or drug abuse are known by their initials
Why discuss the dead?

Because people have died. Because one of the ways our society measures damange is the number of dead. Because I don't want more people to die.

Why are you doing this?

I used to have some good reasons, but I'm not sure I believe them anymore. But knowing was burning a hole in my heart. Putting the info on a website helps.

Time Chart

Along the sides are years, along the top are the abuser's serial numbers. If an abuser was present at the school, there is 1 in their column.

  • "s" means sexual abuser - people who were both sexual abusers and physical abusers are listed as sexual abusers
  • "p" means physical abuser
  • "c" with a number next to it means abuse at the school's summer camp
  • The number next to the "s" or "p" indicates the certainty that they abused - 1 is lowest, 10 is highest
  • "c" in their final year means then went on to abuse elsewhere.
  • Upcoming: an institution number in their column means they were at that institution in that year if they were not at the school
  • Upcoming: on the left is a column with "L M U" -- this will give estimates of the student body in the Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools for that year


Contains a description of each abuser. Lists how they abused, how the presented themselves to the world, their social connections, and described how they protected themselves. Includes information on people who protected them and whether they still have access to children. Also lists questions and suggested further actions.

If an abuser abused a student who later died of suicide, alcoholism, accident, or drug addiction, this information will be listed here.

Who Knew?

Contains a link to a time chart of people who knew and when they were at the school and a link to profiles of the people who knew.

The time chart shows when they were at the school--and if they still are. It does not show when they came to know about the abuse.

The profiles section contains a description of each person who knew about the abuse, and what abuse they knew about. Where possible, it also states when and how they came to know about the abuse. This section includes survivors who came to work at the school and some parents of survivors if the parents worked at he school. It also includes faculty, board members, other staff, donors to the school, and prominent locals, to include local politicians and doctors. It does not include survivors unless they went on to work at he school.

If a person wasn't a board member or employee, but was locally prominent (or was a parent, or both) and they knew, they will also be listed in the profiles section, but will have a blank column in the time chart.

What Happened?

Lists the different types of abuse that occured and who did them.

Other Schools and Institutions

Lists other schools and institutions where abusers worked. Lists institutions where they would have had access to students, to include college-age students and a local college many abusers attended. Almost all of these places are schools, but a few aren't. Places that aren't are included if the alleged abuser would have had acces to or influence over children via their position in this institution.


List of students who were abused who have died. Does not list how they were abused or their abuser. Information on who abused them will be in the profiles section.


Map of the places where students were abused and what occurred. Likely to remain TBD for awhile because a map would reveal the identity of the school and town.


Observations and information that doesn't fit anywhere else.

Why the name?

It seemed important to have a name that web crawlers would not so easily grab in relation to the physical area or the topic, so the first incarnation of this site had an environmental-themed name related to marshes. The second name was chosen for the same reason--cypress and tupelo grow in marshes and swamps.

How was this site created?

This site was created with HTML and bootstrap, with occasional ongoing hits of special sauce from friends. Yes, I look at all IPs coming in. No, I don't try to track survivors, nor the innocent. People deserve their dignity. All information used to create this site is stored elsewhere, so don't bother hacking this site to look for sources or lists of names.

Mostly this site was created through hard work and years of listening to people. It's not built on code, but on souls, people kind enough to have spoken. Please forgive: I do this because I do not wish the list of the dead to increase. I want no more dead. That's all.