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1-oth-L was a small restaurant on 13-oth-L for almost 75 years. It started in the 1920s and was Whites-Only for a time. Students and faculty from 3-sch-L hung out there for decades. It was known as a place where you could get a cheap beer, decent c rabcakes, and french fries. Another more upscale bar now sits on the same site.

311, 5477, and 3149 used to hang out there. Survivors and witnesses report that the bar was a where 311 abused 1-sch-L students in the early 1970s. A waitress who worked there at the time remembers seeing 311, 5477, and 3149 there often. After 311and 5477 left the school, 3149 would go there after a run.

It is likely that 1-sch-L teachers openly abused underaged students in front of adult members of the community, and faculty and students of 3-sch-L. It's not clear if anyone ever said anything. 311's apartment, 20-oth-L was next door on an upper floor of a house; it's likely that 311 used 1-Oth-L as a kind of launching pad to get underaged children upstairs to his place.

Person Situation Notes
311 Site where he abused, hangout. Probably abused underaged teens openly in front of townspeople
5477 Hangout.
3149 Hangout


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2-oth-L is the big auditorium at 3-sch-L. It's where 1-sch-L originally started before moving to 17-oth-L. Teachers and students at 1-sch-L sometimes performed there for shows in the early and mid-1970s. Newspaper articles list performers--and the names on these lists suggest strongly that 2-oth-L was a site of sexual abuse.

2-oth-L also contains a gallery. 1043 showed his artwork there in the 2010s.

Person Situation Notes
5477 Performed there. He produced the show and performed in it.
494302-k Performed there with 5477.
422420-b Performed there with 5477.


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3-oth-L is a restaurant at the top of Main St. in town. It's named for a famous Revolutionary War treaty that was ratified locally. The building its in dates to Colonial times. More recently, a nationally famous jazz trio used to play there. The husband and the brother-in-law of 412324-k were both members.

In the 1970s, there was a fairly open performance space in the basement area, and 5477 and 4357 used to perform there. 311 may also have performed there or done sets. He was certainly present.

A mural or painting by 311 is reputed to have hung there during 311's life and for a number of years after his death.

Many members of the local arts community would have seen 5477, 4357, and 311 there. It's possible that they were part of the group that made this space known as an arts space. The famous jazz trio may have been performing there during the same years.

Person Situation Notes
4357 Performed his poetry there. Possible site of abuse.
5477 Performed music there. Possible site of abuse.
412324-k Her family members performed there.


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4-oth-L is a local arts center with visual and performing arts for people of all ages. It was formerly the white high school. (The former black high school is down the street.)

5320 has shown her art there. 563953-k volunteers there sometimes. 5002 has done writing workshops there. Their presence at this institution is significant because there are teenagers and elementary school childreen there after school and on weekends whenever the place is open.

Person Situation Notes
5320 Shown her art there. Attends performances there.
563953-k Volunteers there.
5002 Has run a workshop there.


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5-oth-L is a cafe near 1-sch-L. It started up in that position in the early 2000s. There may have been another cafe there before that one. In the 1980s, it was a pizza place. The local Democratic Party chapter sometimes holds gatherings there, and it's currently a very popular brunch site.

5320 claims that, when she was back teaching at the school in the early 2000s, she saw a teacher, 6207 from the school making out with a student there. She says she told the administration, and 191129-k blew her off

, saying that 6207 was too popular for that to be true.

Althought 5320 may not look like a reliable source on paper, we tend to believe her. This is because prominent survivor has said that, in the early 2000s, a teacher at the school complained to her that 6207 was sexually abusing a student. This survivor says she went to the school and complained to 314050-k who gave her the same answer, that 6207 was too popular for that to be true. Although the survivor did not say who the teacher who told her this was, the assumption is that it was probably 5320.

This survivor is now working closely with the school, so presumeably the school knows this story about 6207. As of the end of 1/2019, he was still listed as employed at the school on their website.

In the 1980s, students hung out at the pizza parlor at this site. When it was a pizza parlor, 2442 sometimes hung out there with sports teams after practice. In the 1980s, it was a popular place for seniors to go for lunch.

Person Situation Notes
6207 Witnessed abusing there.
5320 Witnessed abuse there.
2442 Hung out there with students. Only attested for the 1980s.


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7-oth-L is a mostly undeveloped piece of land off one of the main roads into town. It's currently the subject of debate over a proposed development.

5477, and probably other abusers, allegedly held parties featuring group sex with underaged students there, both adults having sex with underaged students, and adults encouraging underaged students to have sex with each other.

3638 used to live out there on a hill/grassy cliff above the water in an Edwardian-style house built in the first part of the 20th century. Neighbors say he and his family up and left rather suddenly in the 1970s. The house is currently occupied by a family that's a branch of a locally-prominent family; a number of their members have attended the school.

373052-b's family used to live close by, also on the water. At least one Lower School kid from the 1970s remembers being at 373052-b's house, possibly for a school event.

Person Situation Notes
5477 Sexually abused in the woods there. Other teachers may have abused there, too.
3638 Lived there. Neighbors say he left abruptly.
373052-b Lived there.


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8-oth-L is a nature preserve about 30 miles from the school across a body of water. A survivor reports that, in the 1970s, 311 took a student off campus during school hours, drove them there, and abused them. The person's description of the event suggests that 311 was already familiar with the area.

The survivor wasn't sure of the name of the nature preserve, but remembered generally how to get there. Following their description of the route, an ally was able find the nature preserve easily, and the it matched the survivor's description.s

Person Situation Notes
311 Abused there.


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9-oth-L is a church in the middle of town. There are two old street circles in town, one for church, the other for state. This is the church in the church circle. It's parrish was founded in 1692, and the church was finished in the early 1700s.

Students gathered there impromptu after the death of JB to mourn.

In 2010, 6303's funeral was held there. The town's then-mayor, a graduate of 1-sch-L, attended. The church was reported to be packed with mourners. It's likely that 210803-b and possibly 450331-b also attended.

Four years later, JB's' mother died without family or friends in another state. There was no report of any funeral.

If you're read this far, this story is why this site exists.

Person Situation Notes
6303 Funeral


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10-oth-L is a gallery in the town. According to newspaper announcementes, it opened in the spring of 1981. 311 and 5320 are reputed to have exihibited art there, but exact dates are not known.

Person Situation Notes
311 Probably exhibited art ther.
5320 Probably exhibited art there.


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10-oth-L is a set of apartment buildings on a road into town. People who have lived in the area for over ten years will remember them as the apartments near the WaWa.

6336 has an appartment there. He is reported to have had weekend parties there with students. He reportedly made beer and cocaine avaialable to students at these parties. 324032-k probably was also at these parties because she was living with 6336. CR is known to have attended these parties.

JB lived in the same set of apartment buildings with his family. It's not known if he attended these parties.

Later on, 3943 lived in 10-oth-L according to housing records. He is listed as living there until 2003, but there is some overlap with other addresses.

There is right now no known link between 6336 and 3943. 10-oth-L was, at the time, simply one of the few cheap places where white people lived in the town.

Person Situation Notes
6336 Lived in an apartment there.
324032-k Lived in an apartment there.
3943 Lived in an apartment there.


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11-oth-L is the appartment 6336 and 324032-k had in a suburb in a nearby city. When they moved in isn't certain, but sometime between the mid-1980s and when 6336 left the school. Students were known to hang out there with 6336 and 324032-k, and they lived there for a while (maybe a few years) after 6336 left the school, possibly because 324032-k was finishing up a graduate degree at 21-sch-L.

Students and then-recent graduates are known to have hung out with 6336 at 11-oth-L after he was fired from the school.

Person Situation Notes
6336 Lived there.
324032-k Lived there.


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12-oth-L is a local mall built in the late 1970s or early 1980s. In the early 2000s, 2524 hung out there with girls who attended the school. One of the girls he hung out with he supposedly went on to abuse (there is a chance it was more than one).

It's simply a large and popular mall.

Why no one questioned a fully-grown man hanging out with schoolgirls at a mall is a bit odd.

Person Situation Notes
2524 Hung out there with students.


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13-oth-L is a street near 3-sch-L. In the 1970s, it was a center of arts activity in the town. 1-othL is on 13-oth-L. It's listed because 311 4357, and 5477 were heavily involved in local arts.

Person Situation Notes
1-othL Located there
311 Hung out here. Likely showed in galleries here
4357 Listed because of his involvement in local arts in the 1970s.


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14-oth-L is a park near the school that was founded in the early 1990s--the land was sold to the county in the late 1980s after some fear that the land would be developed into housing.

A source states that when they were elementary-school-aged, they went to summer camp at the school and predators took them and a number of boys of the same age into the woods for "BDSM" abuse. They described a ruined building--the building has fallen, but the ruins are still there. And they described how their abusers took them there in the school's white buses. The source believes these abusers may have had some kind of private deal with people who ran the park. Two of them seemed to know their way around the park very well. Because the park was very new, this suggests that they may have known the land before it became a park.

Person Situation Notes
1215 Abused children there.
4828 Abused children there.
1863 Abused children there.