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Abuser Profiles

Each abuser recieves a random number between 100 and 9999.

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Negligence, allowed sexual abuse. 1960s, deceased.


Sexual abuse 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, m1990s, m2000s, deceased.


Physical abuse. 1960s, deceased.


Physical abuse. Negligence, allowed sexual abuse. 1960s, 1970s, deceased.


Physical abuse, suspected sexual abuse. 1960s, 1970, deceased.


Sexual abuse, child rape, child trafficking, creating child pornography, hard drugs. 1960s, 1970s, n1980s, deceased


Physical abuse, slight suspicion of sexual abuse. 1960s, 1970s, 1980s. Continued access to children


Sexual abuse. 1960s, 1970s


Sexual abuse. 1970s


Severe physical abuse. 1960s, 1970s, 1980s. In community.


Sexual abuse 1970s.


Sexual abuse. 1970s.


Sexual abuse, drugs, child traffickng. 1970s, continued access to children suspected.


Sexual abuse. 1970s, m1980s, m1990s, m2000s, m2010s.


Sexual abuse, sexual assault. 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s, in community.


Sexual abuse, child trafficking. 1970s, 1980s, 1990s. Not deceased, but incapacitated.


Sexual abuse, 1970s, deceased.


Suspected sexual abuse, negligence in allowing sexual abuse to occur. 1970s.


Sexual abuse, sexual assault, physical abuse, physically threatening students. 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, continued access to children.


Sexual abuse. 1970s, continued access to children.


Sexually-tinged punishments. Abused elementary school students. 1970s, 1970s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s, in community.


Sexual abuse, child rape, suspected child trafficking. 1970s, n1980s, 2000s, in community.


Sexual abuse at another institution. 1970s, 1980s, deceased.


Provided drugs to students, suspected sexual abuse. 1970s, 1980s, m2010s, in community.


Attempted sexual assault. 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s, present day.


Sexual abuse. 1980s, suspected deceased.


1980s, possibly 1990s. (Peephole - not a person.)


Sexual abuse. 1980s, continued access to children.


Sexual assault. 1980s, deceased.


Sexual abuse, child trafficking, may have given hard drugs to students. 1980s, 1990s.


Sexual abuse of elementary school children, child trafficking. 1990s, in community.


Sexual abuse of elementary school children, child trafficking. 1990s.


Sexual abuse of elementary school children, child trafficking.1990s.


Sexual abuse. 1990s, 2000s, continuted access to children suspected


Sexual abuse. 1990s.


Sexual abuse. 1990s, continued access to children.


Suspected sexually inappropriate behavior. 1990s, 2000s, continued access to children.


Stalking a student. 1990s, 2000s, continued access to children.


Suspected sexual abuse. 1990s, 2000s, continued access to children.


Sexual abuse. 1990s, 2000s, 2010s, present day.


Suspected sexual abuse. 1990s, 2000s, may be in community.


Sexual abuse. 1990s, 2000s, 2010s, present day


Physical abuse. Suspected sexual abuse. 1990s, 2000s, 2010s, continued access to children.


Physical abuse. 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s.

Understanding the Table of Contents
Item Meaning
Any decade (such as 1960s, 1970s...) Abuser was present at the school during these decades.
present day Abuser still works for the school.
"n" Abuser wasn't at the school that decade, but had access to children at the school
"m" Abuser wasn't at the school that decade, but was married to someone at the school, and so many have had access to children at the school.
"in community" Abuser still lives nearby.
Continued access to children. Abuser still has access to schoolage children. (Does not include college students.)



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  • Male, est. years at school: 3
  • Left in early 1960s.
  • Role at school: Early influential school official. Stories differ, but he may have been a founder. Was a high-ranking administrator there.
  • Role in abuse: Allegedly helped create an environment that fostered abuse. In charge of two children who were abused.
  • Married, presented as straight.
  • Deceased
  • Also associated with people:
    • 366355-k — Guardian
    • 1419 — Probably hired her
    • 6303 May have hired him or helped hire him when he first worked for the school
    • 5308Was headmaster when they both worked at 2-sch-L
    • 7455Was headmaster when they both worked at 2-sch-L
  • Also associated with schools:

817 is a person of interest and not known to have abused. He is a person of interest because he helped found two schools with severe sex abuse issues and because two children who were his wards were sexually abused. There are so far no concrete reports of abuse occurring at 1-sch-L while he was there, and only one teacher known to have abused students was at 1-sch-L while 817 was there.

817 helped found 1-sch-L, the school that is the subject of this website. After he left 1-sch-L in the early 1960s, he founded 2-sch-L, where sources say teachers also sexually abused children. Before 817 came to the school, he worked at 5-sch-L, which a source says also had a sex abuse problem. Not long after WWII, he helped found 1-sch-W on the West coast.

817 founded 2-sch-L because he did not believe 1-sch-L pushed educational boundaries far enough. 2-sch-L did not sort students by grade and appears to have been a rather wild and rule-less place. It was either on 817’s property or right next to it. A student from the time remembers that 817 often had 2-sch-L students in and out of his house. According to a newspaper article, part of the children's education at the school involved building the the school's buildings. On paper, this looks like a violation of child labor laws. The justification, according to the article, was that it would help children learn mathematics.

The lot where 2-sch-L stood was partly wooded, offering cover. Attendance in class appeared not to have been mandatory, and teachers had close and unregulated access to children. Any predators would have had ample opportunity to abuse students at 2-sch-L. Once source recalls bands from the community practicing at 2-sch-L, so there may also have been adults not formally associated with the school on the property.

817 attended 3-sch-L, graduting during WWII. He would have started there shortly after 3-sch-L began its classics-based set curriculum. He continued his affiliation with 2-sch-L school until it closed at the end of the 1960s. It's likely that some older professors or emeritus faculty from 3-sch-L remember him and his views on education. 817 went on to be associated with other educational institutions after 2-sch-L closed.


1. Q: Was 817 aware of the abuse at the two schools he founded?
2. Q: Was 817 aware that 5744 & 3807 were molesting his two wards?
3. Q: Does anyone recall discussing student/teacher 'relationships' with 817 and what 817's views were? Did 817 consider teachers sleeping with their underage students to be sexual abuse?
4. Q: Do members of the band that praticed at 2-sch-L remember anything?


1. A: Find people who remember 817's views on the sort of relationships teachers should be allowed to have with students. These views may overlap with his views on alternative education in general. Canvasing older 3-sch-L professors may help uncover this, or may help find people who can.
2. A: If they're willing to speak the two people who were his wards may be able to shed light on what he knew and what he believed.
3. A: There's an old Navy family out on or near Pleasant Point who may also be able to shed light on 817's. They should be contacted.
4. A: Do housing searches on 817 to find out the exact location of his property and when he lived there.✯


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  • Male, est. years at school: 23
  • Left in late 1980s
  • Role at school: high school mathematics teacher
  • Role in abuse: allegedly sexually abused boys in the 1980s. Child trafficking across state lines, possibly took pornographic photographs of boys who were students at the school.
  • Was married, presented as straight.
  • Deceased
  • Also associated with people:
  • Also associated with schools:
    • 3-sch-L — Student, said to have graduated.
    • 7-sch-L — Teacher 10 yrs.
    • 19-sch-L — May have taught math there in the summer
  • Deaths associated with 6303

6303 began teaching at the school shortly after it was founded and remained until the middle 1960s, when he left to live in a western state. He returned to teach at the school in the mid-1970s. 6303 was married to 22026-k, a teacher in the Lower school and had children who attended. He presented as a heterosexual male, but allegedly abused teenage boys. At least two survivors are strongly suspected, but more are possible. After leaving the school, he started teaching at 7-sch-L; he taught there for ten more years. 6303 died close to a decade ago.

6303 and his wife had a summer house in a western state, possibly acquired during his hiatus from the school. He attended 3-sch-L, where he met his wife in a students chorus, and he is believed to have graduated. 6303 taught high school math, and his wife taught in the elementary school, where she continues to teach. She has since remarried another former teacher, 4054.

Through his wife's continued connection with the school, 6306 may have contined to have access to student who came to visit them at their summer house. This is known to have occurred as long as a decade after he left the school, and may have gone on longer.

6303 preferred boys, forming psychologically intense relationships with them, often over math. He and his wife would invite their favorite students, mostly boys, out to visit their house in a Western state over the summer. It is believed that abuse may have occurred there, which is why trafficking is alleged. He is known to have abused one boy, who is grown now and still alive, and highly suspected of having abused another boy, who died in a drunk driving accident in the mid-1980s. As a physical abuser, he is known to have favored girls. He allegedly physically abused his own daughters. Students at the school recognized that things were difficult in 6303's household, and in one known case, parents were cautious about letting their child and her friends visit. 6303 is known to have thrown objects at girls at in his classes, possibly in cases where he viewed them as rivals for boys he liked.

Although 6303 came to the school after graduating from 3-sch-L, there may have been a gap between when he graduated and when he began teaching at the school. His wife was also a 3-sch-L student; that is where he met her. She once told a story about how they were in a singing group together, and he kept the sheet music inside the torn lining of his coat. One day, he asked her to marry her without them ever having been on a date.

Likely sites of abuser are 6303's western summer house, their own house in the local town, and the houses of students. 6303's car is also a possible site; his closeness to students— families suggests that he may have given students rides. 6303 was also the coach for a successful school academic competition team that sometimes performed on local television. This position gave him access to students after hours at school, off campus for local trips, and occasionally for short overnight trips. He also would have had access to students at other schools; he may have abused students from the school or from other schools at these offsite locations.

It is not known when 6303 and his wife began hosting students at their house in the west, but the practice appears to have been in place by the early 1980s. 6303 was let go (contract not renewed) in the late 1980s. The reason given was that 6303's educational philosophies differed from those of the school. This was the catch-phrase often used to justify letting go a sexually abusive teacher. 290839-k was probably president of the board when 6303 was let go, and 5759 was a high-ranking administrator who would have been involved in not renewing 6303's contract. When 303 left, he went on to teach at 7-sch-L for ten more years. 6303 died a few years ago.

There was a mini-purge of sex abusers in the late 1980s; 6303 left a year before this purge occured. Arguably, he may have been the first of the abusers purged in this second purge. (The first was decade earlier in 1978.) He left because his contract was not renewed. After he left, he taugth for a decade at 7-sch-L, but continued to have students from 1-sch-L visit his summer house in the west during summer breaks for at least a decade after he left 1-sch-L, maybe longer.

6303's philosophy was that boys were superior to girls, particularly in the hard sciences and math. This fact was hard-wired into female biology; he would sometimes speak of this in class. He groomed boys by praising their brilliance, ability and character, which he said he sought to nurture. He would throw objects at girls during class, pieces of chalk, erasures, come up behind girls and yell in their ear to frighten them. 6303 believed in the great books curriculum taught at 3-sch-L, but thought that math and science education needed to be more modern.

6303 had boundary issues with male students, sometimes working his way into their family's good graces and procuring invitations to their houses, which was helped by his wife's position as a beloved teacher at the school. This allowed him to hang out at the houses of the students he liked. His justification for doing so was often a mentoring relationship. He would describe these boys as 'gifted,'' or as having a special talent.

It is possible that these emotional relationships with boys were, to him, the most intense and fulfilling relationships of his entire life. Unfortunately, even absent physical abuse, they were not necessarily healthy for the boys. 6303's praise of their minds and their character seems to ring in their ears their entire lives, and they tend to believe that, on some level, they are misunderstood geniuses.

In some cases, 6303 visited minor physical abuse on students, particularly girls. Often these girls were students that liked the boys 6303 liked. He also visited emotional abuse on them, calling them stupid in front of their peers and explaining how the physiology of girls' brains made them unsuitable for math. In one case, there was a girl who liked a boy he was allegedly abusing. He threw chalk and erasers at her during class, called her lazy and stupid to her face. One day while she was sleeping, he sneaked up on her and took a picture of her (without her knowledge or consent), which frightened her.

In the mid-1980s, a boy 6303 was allegedly abusing, JB, died in an automobile accident. JB's best friend was driving and was reputed to be drunk, though some dispute that. JB was thrown out of school--possibly for complaining about 6336 abusing a student and about 4054 and 3149. JB's actions had become wilder and more unpredictable after he began association with 6303. The boy died in a drunk driving accident as a teenager. 6306 was distraught and ended up in the hospital with unspecified symptoms. He also tried to offer solace to the boy's family, as that family fell apart.

6303 reaction to the second boy's death suggests a sad fact about these abusers; some, perhaps many, formed intense relationships with their victims, relationships that, to the abuser, were perhaps as intense and meaningful as any relationship they could ever have. These relationships gave them meaning that they could find nowhere else in their lives. It's almost an academic sexualism--they could only find fulfillment in emotional and sexual relationships with the children they taught.

This is another facet to harm of childhood sexual abuse; children do not profit from adults having intense sexual relationships with them. Even absent sex, the relationship unhealthily skews the child's view of their own self and of the world. Men who were in 6303's circle struggle with a feeling they should be more important than they are. That sometimes believe they are misunderstood geniuses, or people who never reached their stellar potential. 6303's grooming, which involved praising boys for brilliance and having wondrously interesting characters, still echoes in their ears. When they hear that 6303 was an abuser, it crushes them because they wonder if his praise for their remarkable characters was simply a means to an end.

Most men who were close to him as boys report feelings of friendship for him, though some report that these friendships were sometimes too close to be emotionally comfortable.

6303 was known for writing successful college letters of recommendation for students. He was sought after in this regard, only choosing a select few students he considered promising, mostly boys. He was deeply respected by the faculty and administration and often had dinner at he houses of other faculty members. His family was known to not have much money, and his wife did sewing for hire for members of the school community to help make ends meet. Among her sewing projects was a quilt for the girlfriend of the boy who died, and the small cloth bags used to hold the boy who died's ashes--both cut from the same material. Some of the boy's ashes are sprinkled around the school.

  1. Who went to 6303's Western summer house? A full list of students wouldbe nice.
  2. Do men who, as boys, were part of 6303's circle struggle with a sense of being misunderstood geniuses who never really found their path?
  3. Did 6303's wife have any sense that his relationship with boys at the school was somehow off?
  4. Did 6303's wife's presence at the school after he left allow 6303 continued access to students at the school?
  1. Canvas graduates from the 1980s and late 1970s. Find out when the excursions to the Western summer house began and compile a list of everyone who went. Contact these people and see if they are willing to talk.
  2. Use newspaper clippings and alumni networks to find out who was involved sin 6303's extra-curricular activity and to list the other schools where he might have had contact with students. Contact alumni who were involved and check to see if any students from the opposing teams may be found. If students from opposing teams may be found, ask them (particularly the boys) if they know any stories of abuse.✯


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  • Female, est. years at school: 8
  • Left in late 1960s
  • Language teacher
  • Struck a student
  • Straight, married, mother.
  • Deceased a few years ago.
  • It is not known who her associates were, but 817 probably hired her, and 957 said he fired her for physical abuse.
  • Also associated with these schools/institutions,:

1419 was a much-loved language teacher who was fired for striking a student. She was from another country. Physical abuse was very much part of the school's culture at the time. The school's first yearbook was dedicated to her. Her children attended the school--but at least one did not graduate.


1. Who was she close to?
2. How did she come to be associated with the school? 3. Did she physically abuse any students besides the one?✯


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  • Male, est. years at school: 3
  • Left in 1960s. Returned briefly in early 1970s.
  • High-level administrator.
  • Physically abused children
  • Straight, married, father.
  • Deceased
  • It is not known who his associates were.
  • Also associated with these schools/institutions,:
    • Possibly 3-sch-L
    • Possibly some sailing academies

5451 was a high-level administrator and known to have physically abused students. A number of his children attended the school. He left in the 1960s and then came back temporarily in the early 1970s.

It is likely that 5744 was cohabiting with a teenager in the apartment over the school's old kindergarten building while 5451 worked at the school in the early 1970s. 5451 was high enough in the school's administration have been involved with leases, so he would likely have been aware of this situation.

311 was a prolific abuser who was active at the time, and 5351 may have known about him, as well.

5451's son, NC, died while he was a student at the school. The son had been dating 5320. Immediately after the son died 311 quickly stepped in and began dating 5320. One source believes 311 may have 'done something' to NC

5451 was an avid sailor and a masted sailing ship, used as a teaching vessel, is named after him.


1. Who was 5451 close to?
2. Why was he brought back to the school?


1. Find out more about 5451's basic details.✯


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  • Male, est. years at school: 8
  • Left in early 1970s
  • High-level administrator
  • Known to have physically abused students, suspected of having sexually abused at least one girl.
  • Straight, married, father.
  • Deceased fairly recently
  • Also associated with these people:
  • Also associated with these schools/institutions,:
    • 4-sch-W — 20 yrs from early 80s to early 2000s
    • 1-sch-I — 12 yrs from early 2000s to early 2010s

957 was a high-level administrator at the school in the 1960s into the 1970s. It is fairly certain that he physically abused at least one student, handling the boy so hard that the boy's braces banged into the inside of his mouth, producing a fair amount of blood. 5320 is reputed to say that she saw him with a younger student once, lovingly stroking the girl's hair, saying how he "liked the dark ones." She felt he was acting in a physically inappropriate manner and interprets what she saw as sexual abuse.

Many people from the 1970s believe that 957 was a strong, fair administrator, and that much of the sexual abuse would not have occurred had he remained at the school. 351446-k believes he would have stopped the sexual abuse had he remained at the school.

957 was instrumental in admitted some black students who had been expelled from 18-sch-L for social activism; this move made some parents and members of the board unhappy. 351446-k likes to tell a story that 0957 was let go for allowing in the activist black students. As late as the past five years, she was circulating a letter he'd written stating this; however, it appears likely that 957 also stole $60,000 from the school (close to $400,000 in today's money), and that this was really why he was let go. 957 taught out West for 20 years, then ended up in the Phillipines married to a much younger, dark-haired woman who was native to the area. He continued to work in private schools out there until he died, which was fairly recently.


1. Does anyone have any papers relevant to 957's embezzlement of school money?
2. Are the black students he allowed in to the school willing to talk?


1. Is 957's daughter willing to share his papers associated with the school? She's indicated she has several boxes of them.
2. Contact alumni from the international school where he taught and inquire about his behavior there.✯


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  • Male, est. years at school: 11
  • Left in late 1970s
  • Art teacher
  • Sexually abused girls and boys. Raped at least one girl. Turned at least one student into an adult who abused students at the school. Pimped students. Engaged in child trafficking. Created child porn using students. Showed child porn to students. Provided marijuana, alcohol, and cocaine to students, both on and off campus.
  • Presented as a straight, married white male. Father. Had two, possibly three wives.
  • Deceased
  • Also associated with these people:
    • 5320 — Abused by him, married him, co-abused with him, was kept a virtual prisoner by him on the Eastern Shore
    • 351446-k — Administrator in admissions at the school who adored him, may have had an affair with him. She continued to be friends with him after he left the school
    • 512721-k — Married to him
    • 185057-k — Friend, thought highly of him, worked on a political campaign with him. Was a lawyer involved with the divorce case when he divorced 5320. Lawyer who worked with him on his will.
    • 5744 — Purported rival in abusing children
    • 295861-k — Friend and mother-in-law. Helped 311 and 5320 buy a house in town
    • 563953-k — Acquaintence and fellow artist who showed with him back in the very early 1970s - 311 may have been how she found her start in the local arts scene. She later taught at the school for decades
    • 284445-k — Girlfriend after he left 5320. 311 helped her raise a son she adopted.
    • 356214-b — Son that 284445-k adopted and 311 helped raise.
    • 285743-b — Friend of 311 and 284445-k. President of 15-sch-L
    • 562431-k — wife before
    • 5320. Local lawyer. Lived with him in Davidsonville. Likely worked with him on McGovern campaign.
  • Also associated with these schools/institutions,:
    • 3-sch-L — Artist in residence mid-1960s
    • 4-sch-L — Had an art show there mid-1960s
    • 15-sch-L — Lived near there, friends with the school's President, girlfriend with an administrator
    • 16-sch-L — Worked informally with troubled youth
  • Deaths associated with 311

311 was probably the school's most prolific abuser. He was let go in the late 1970s for for sexually abusing students. He sexually abused girls and boys. He violently raped at least one girl. He provided alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine to students. He took pornographic photographs of students, which he then showed to students. (An image of 5320, apparently topless, in an early 1970s yearbook may be the top part of one of those images. There is also a picture of a girl in a room, possibly naked, who may be her; that image may also have been part of 311's collection.) He created a cast of 5320's torso which was displayed prominently in the small gymnasium before that building burned. (Presumeably, the cast was destroyed then.) 5320 would have been underage when he took these images and made the cast. Estimates of students at the school he abused are easily well into the double-digits; probably the only limiting factor is that there weren't that many students in the school in the 1970s. 311 left part of his photograph collection, probably including homemade child pornography featuring underage students at the school, were left in 311's will to a former student, who has since turned them over to the police.

Some people who knew him believe it is likely he also abused locally in the town, and in the two places in the country where he lived after he moved out of town. Because he did this after he left the school, and the school never went to the authorities about him, the school bears some responsibility for any abuse that occurred in these other locations. After he moved out of the town in the 1980s, he moved to a rural county where he worked with at-risk youth. People familiar with the situation believe this may have been another vector for abuse.

311 kept a yellow van parked outside the building where students did art; allegedly he abused both girls and boys inside the van. He also used the interior of the van as a place to provide drugs, including hard drugs, to students. This van was a fixture on campus, so much so, that his favored students were called, "the yellow-van crowd." 311 also abused students in an apartment in the building next to a favored restaurant near 3-sch-L. He hung out there with 5744 and 3149. He also reputedly abused students there in front of townspeople. One source was fairly sure he was 'sharing' (pimping) girls from the school to people he knew around the town. Professors and students from 3-sch-L would have seen this. There is no evidence anyone objected.

He appeared on the art scene in the town in the mid-1960s. He had (or had work in) an art show at 4-sch-L in the mid-1960s, then was artist-in-residence at 3-sch-L for a year. Sometime in the late 1960s or early 1970s, he married a prominent local lawyer, 512721-k, who was active in the local women's movement and, probably also in the campaign to elect McG"overn President.

311 is known to have shown his artwork at 9-oth-L, and his art hung for a long time at 3-oth-L, at 15-oth-L, and possibly other locations around the city. With students, including 5320, he was involved in the decoration of a shop window in town, and he was publicly involved in investigations into 16-oth-L, a set of mysterious tunnles in a nearby town. Indeed, 311 appears to have tried hard to make himself into a well-respected local artist in the town. (He painted a picture of its main street that hangs in 351446-k's house.) At the school, he was responsible for starting the tradition of painting murals and images on the buildings. He was probably responsible for the images painted on the old kindergarten building. A unicorn and dragon (obscured by an add-on) and a caterpillar are probably still visible--he may have painted these. His other great work was in 1972, when he created a Picture Book instead of a yearbook. This was a large-sized book of wordless images of students and the school. Images of 311, many other abusers, and many students who were abused feature prominently in this book. In the early 1980s, 563953-k created a second Picture Book (meaning another wordless yearbook) in homage to the first Picture Book.

512721-k, to whom he was married, came and lectured at the school, possibly about women's rights.

At least one student whom he abused died of drug-abuse and alcoholism. An acquaintance believes this was related to the abuse. Another student whom he allegedly abused committed suicide. Another student whom he allegedly abused died in an accident that involved foolish risk-taking. It is possible that another student who died in a car accident while he was a student was also someone 311 abused. There may be others.

A teacher in the 1970s objected to 311's abuse of children. This teacher would have violent arguments with 311. The teacher who complained left the school before 311; sources say the teacher who complained and his wife were let go for complaining about the abuse. Both the alleged complainer and his wife are deceased. They aren't listed by number because they did the right thing and suffered for it.

311 recruited 5320 to procure other students for him while she was still as student. When she was an adult, 311 co-abused students at he school with 5320.

After he left the school, he and 5320 lived in a house in town over a small bridge from the downtown. There, they allegedly continued to abuse children. (They may also have abused children at the houses of neighbors in town.) 311 kept a trough full of ice and beer on his porch and would invite teenagers in to have some as they walked home from school. One of the sons of local politicians 210803-b and 450331-b spent time at 311's house in town. It is not known if this son was abused, but he later developed issues with addiction. The trough of beer on the porch suggests that 311 and 5320 branched out to abusing children in the neighborhood.

311's artwork used to hang prominently in a well-known restaurant and a well-known shop, and possibly in other locations around town.

311 confided in a student that he had been a heroin addict at some point before he came to the school. According to the source, 311 was tied down to a stretcher and forcibly hospitalized, whether this means in an emergency room, a psychiatric ward, or a jail is not clear. Another source states that 311 told her that, when he was a teen, his father paid for a prostitute to deflower him.

One source believes that 311 and 5744 had a kind of relationship or agreement with the Laurel Clinic, and abortion clinic in DC to deal with the pregnancies he and another abuser at the school created.

311 was deeply respected by the school community, even though many people in the school knew that he sexually abused students. Members of the board respected him, and there are rumors that he had an affair with 351446-k an administrator who worked in admissions who went on to become a board member for over a decade. In the 1970s, he was active in a long-term school fund-raising drive to build the school's endowment. Images from a late 1970s yearbook show him socializing with parents, administrators, and board members at a party in the Upper School library. Even today, many students whom 311 did not molest, abuse, or rape remember him fondly as a deeply inspiring teacher who helped mold their lives in a positive manner. It takes a kind of mental gymnastics for students who experienced him in this way to speak about the abuse, and they readily admit he abused, without saying something like, "yes... but he was a really great teacher."

311 is known to have lived locally in these places:

  1. About ten miles west of the town
  2. In town over/next to the restaurant near 3-sch-L
  3. In town over the small bridge
  4. n a county about 65 miles away from the school
  5. A place near 15-sch-L.
All these places should be checked to see if he sexually abused children there.

After 311 and 5320 moved to the county 65 miles away. During this time, 311 may worked with disadvantaged youthes in the county.

311 was an alcoholic, according to 351446-k. She says he got sober in the 1980s, and she blames his sexual abuse of children on his alcoholism. There is no reason to believe this is true.

311 showed at numerous galleries in the town and elsewhere in the state, and appears to have been respected at 12-sch-L, where he also showed. Local galleries had examples of his work as late as 2017, and may still have his work stored somewhere. Stories about him state that he exhibited work in 5-oth-I.

311 was diagnosed with liver cancer in the early 1990s. Due to his cancer, he developed bleeding in the throat, and may have died by either slowly bleeding out, or choking on his own blood as he bled from his esophagus.

Many who were abused by him are happy to hear of the manner of his death.

  1. Did 311 abuse children in other places where he lived?
  2. How was he involved with young people in the county where he lived after he left the school?
  3. What contact did he have with college students at 15-sch-L
  4. It is likely that some of the other abusers were students at 3-sch-L while 311 was artist-in-residence. Did he have contact with them then? What did that contact entail?
  5. 284445-k's basement is full of 311's artwork—does it contain any pornographic images of students?
  6. 311 had his art collection appraised for his will—did the appraisers find any pornographic images of students?
  7. Did 311's connection with 185057-k help protect him from ramifications of sexually abusing children?
  8. Did 311 help 563953-k get her start in the local art scene? Did he help her get employed at the school? (Although he was let go for abusing children, he still had friends at the school.)
  9. How much did 512721-k know about the abuse? How did it fit with her ideals as a member of the women's right's movement?
  10. Do any of the former staff from the restaurant near 3-sch-L remember him and the traffic in and out of his apartment?
  11. What neighbor's houses in town did they use to abuse children?
  12. Did 210803-b and 450331-b know 311 abused children and gave them drugs and alcohol?

  1. Go through housing records to create a timeline of where 311 was when.
  2. Canvas neighbors near where his house was in town, see what they know.
  3. See if anyone from 3-sch-L remembers what occurred when 311 was artist-in-residence.
  4. See if anyone from the church near his last residence remembers him and check there to see if he abused any children in that area.✯


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  • Male, est. years at school: 20
  • Left in late 1980s
  • Taught language and history.
  • Known to have physically assaulted at least one boy in the classroom
  • Presented as a straight male. Married. Father.
  • Alive
  • He may still have access to children in an institutional setting, though there is a chance he retired recently.
  • Also associated with these people:
    • 333147-k — Wife
    • 3149 — Friend of the family
    • 22026-k — Friend of the family
    • 3149 — Sometimes had him over for dinner
  • Also associated with these schools/institutions,:
    • 3-sch-L — Graduate
    • 5-sch-N — teacher

He arrived at the school in the late 1960s from 3-sch-L, where he had been a student. He married 333147-k and had a child with her. They both left the school in the late 1980s. His wife admits she knew of the abuse in the 1980s and says the administration discussed it.

5324 is known to have engaged in physical abuse, grabbing a boy so forcefully, he ripped the boy's shirt. There is a vague rumor that he may have been sexually involved with a student early on.


  1. What is the basis of the vague rumor about him and a student?
  2. His daughter attended the school--why did he not mind her babysitting for 4357's children, or being in class with 3149 and later 6336?


  1. Ask around late-1960s/early1970s alumni to see if they know the basis for the rumor about him and a female student.✯


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  • Female est. years at school: 9
  • Left in mid-1970s
  • Middle-school teacher
  • Known to have abused one Upper School boy
  • Straight, female
  • Alive
  • Suspected not to still have access to children in an institutional setting
  • Not enough is known about her to know who she associated with
  • She is not known to be associated with other institutions

950 was a young woman who taught in the middle school. She is known to have been involved sexually with a boy who was an the Upper School student. Witnesses describe seeing them make out in empty classrooms. One said 950 was "all over him,"" meaning physically. 950 arrived at the school in the late 1960s and left sometime in the 1970s, probably before the clean-out in 1978. There is a picture of her making out with the student in question in one of the yearbooks

People who know the man she abused when he was a boy say that he didn't see it as abuse.

950 went on to have a family and to be successful in business. She has not responded to attempts to contact her. Evidence suggests she is now a grandmother.

  1. Who took the picture in the yearbook?
  2. How did 950 come to be hired by the school?
  3. Were his parents aware that this teacher was abusing him?
  4. Did she look at it as wrong or abusive at the time?
  5. Does she look at it as wrong or abusive now?
  1. Reach out to the alumni 950 allegedly abused to see if he is willing to speak.✯


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  • Male, est. years at school: 8
  • Left in mid-1970s
  • High school English teacher
  • Known to have abused girls at the school
  • Presented as straight and married while at the school. Later on, he presented as homosexual.
  • Deceased
  • Also associated with these people:
    • 1043 — Roommate when 4357 had an apartment on one of the main streets leading into town.
    • 121603-k — Musician in a band where 4357 was the frontman/lead singer.
  • Also associated with these schools/institutions,:
    • 9-sch-L — taught there for 8 yrs after leaving the school

4357 arrived in the very early 1970s and appears to have been gone by 1978. He presented as straight while he taught at the school and was married to a woman a the time. The survivors known to this website are female. After leaving the school, 4357 went to teach at 9-sch-L, where he presented at homosexual. He later died of AIDS.

He is known to have tutored a daughter of 295861-k privately in his apartment—there may have been others he also tutored privately. This tutoring was considered part of his work at the school. The apartment was on one of the main streets leading into town. His roommate for part of the time he lived there was 1043.

4367 is described as a 'gentler' abuser by at least one female source, meaning he was not violent with the children he sexually abused. This site has not heard any reports of him violently raping any child. His area was poetry, and he appears to have encouraged those he abused to express themselves creatively. However a male student from that time described 4357 as "into kinky shit" and described him abusing a female student who was also allegedly abused by 5718.

4367 was let go before the big purge of sexual abusers in the late 1970s—indications were he was let go for sexual abuse. After he was let go, he played in a local punk band that had a reputation as having a kind of underground brilliance—where photographs of him from the school show a man with long hair and an academic look, photos of him with the band show shorter hair, leather, and chains. He was known for eating beer cans on stage during his performances; one picture shows him with blood dripping out of his mouth. Others show him performing in a small black (possibly leather) jockstrap and nothing else. 121603-k, a local musician who played in that band recalls the school having some really bad things going on. 121603-k may have recently slut-shamed a survivor at a local event.

  1. Did 4357 really only abuse girls, or were there male students he abused?
  2. Can the other students whom 4367 tutored be found?
  3. Does 1043 know anything about the abuse?
  4. Did 4357 abuse at 9-sch-L?
  5. How did 4357 come to teach at the school?
  6. How did 4357 come to teach at 9-sch-L?
  1. Do a housing search to see if his tenancy in the apartment on the main street into town (and anywhere else he may have lived) can be found.
  2. See if his old band members will talk.✯


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  • Male, est. years at school: 14
  • Left in early 1980s
  • Math teacher, mostly in the Middle School. Succeeded 81415-k as a high-level administrator in the Middle School.
  • Physically abused children, sometimes violently.
  • Presented as straight, married. Father of children at the school
  • Alive
  • Left education, but currently lives less than two blocks from the school
  • It's not known who his associates at the school were, but he was well-thought-of and appears to have been protected, at least for awhile.
  • Graduated from 3-sch-L.

2309 was known to physically abuse children, sometimes violently. He threw a child down the stairs and broke another child's arm. He also threw chalk, bins, and erasers at students. (The bins were plastic and about 18x24 inches, and 8 inches high.) He also pulled a bookshelf down on a student's head in anger. Students were so frightened of him and appalled by him, they invented a system for tracking the number of fidgets he did in a minute to judge his mood. He is not known to have sexually abused children.

2309 was a graduate of 2-sch-L and appears to have come to 1-sch-L directly after graduating. After he left 1-sch-L, he switched careers and went into finance.

Physical abuse of children (hitting, shaking, shoving, throwing things at them, including lacrosse balls from lacross sticks) appears to have been fairly standard at the school, particularly in the 1970s, but 2309 hit, shoved and threw things at children as young at 10. In the rest of the school, physical abuse really didn't begin until children were 13, and then it was mostly boys who were physically abused. 2309 physically abused boys and girls. This is speculation, but someone may have been protecting him, at least through the late 1970s..

2309 was known to single out students to pick on them. He is known to have picked on at least one disabled student. He also encouraged cliques of students who picked on other students, particularly if their parents were popular in the community. The school has to intervene and dismantle one middle school clique he encouraged, throwing out its leader and at least one other student.

In the early 1980s, there were rumors among students that 2309 physically abused his own children. These went beyond standard student scuttlebut, citing troubling symptoms in his son and extreme fearfulness in his young daughter..

Most abusers at the school--most teachers, in fact--were fairly liberal in their politics. 2309 was an exception. He discouraged the study of 'pagan' stories, particularly any English children's stories that drew on Celtic literature, attempting to censor at least one teacher for teaching them (two of the series he tried to censor contained books that had won the Newbery Prize). He helped force out a teacher who taught these books.

He was finally let go in the early 1980s, rumor is for violence against students and for fostering the middle-school student clique of bullies that the adminsitration had to break up.

  1. What were the exact circumstances of 2309's departure?
  2. Did he physically abuse his own children?
  3. Was someone protecting him?
  1. See if 2309 physically abused children in the 1960s when he
  2. Find out the particulars of the court cases against him after he left the school.✯


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  • Female, est. years at school: 10
  • Left in late 1970s
  • Appears to have taught in both the Lower and the Upper school.
  • Is known to have slept with one boy who was an Upper School student
  • Presented as straight. Was a mother of a student at the school
  • Believed to be still alive
  • Not known if she still has access to children in an institutional setting
  • It is not known who she associated with.
  • Also associated with these schools/institutions,:
    • 1-sch-17 — Taught elementary school there before coming to the school

5847 was a female teacher at the school. She is known to have been a homeroom teacher in the Upper School in the 1970s and probably also taught in the Lower School. She allegedly slept with a male Upper School student. Sources say this was widely known. She appears to have initially taught for the Lower (possibly Middle) school, and then moved to teaching in the Upper School. She may have at least one child who attended the school

Before she taught at the school, she was a teacher at an elementary school up around Pasadena. She left in the late 1970s. She now appears to live in the Mid West, has married (or remarried) and has a different last name.

  1. Did she abuse any other students?
  2. What does the person she abused think of what happend?
  3. Did her daughter know? What was the effect of the abuse on her daughter?
  4. If her abuse of an Upper School student was widely known, why was she moved to a position teaching in the Upper School?
  5. 3036 appears to have been let go for abusing a student in the mid-1970s, but 5847 was kept on for another year or two--wh3056/li>
  1. Contact her colleagues from her previous school.
  2. Find out where she lived when she taught at the school
  3. See if her daughter is willing to speak.✯


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  • Female, est. years at school: 8
  • Left in mid-1970s
  • Lower School teacher
  • Abused a boy in the Upper School
  • Presented as straight. Married.
  • Not known if she is still alive
  • It is not known if she still has access to children in an institutional setting
  • Also associated with these people:
    • 382422-k — Married to him.
    • 2442 — 382422-k worked with her husband on a beloved (and still much-used) outdoor structure at the school
    • 464 — 382422-k worked with her husband on the same beloved (and still much-used) outdoor structure at the school
  • 3056 is not known to have been associated with other institutions where she would have had access to children. That said, not much is known about her.

3056 was a woman who taught in the Lower School who allegedly sexually abused a male student in the Upper School. She was married to 382422-k, who was a handyman and builder who, with 464, helped build the school's outdoor amphitheater. She was supposedly let go for sleeping with a boy who was in the Upper school.

  1. What happened to her and her husband?
  2. How did they know 2442 and 464?
  3. Why was she thrown out before 5847?
  1. Do land records searches on where she and her husband lived.
  2. Find out what happened to them.✯


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  • Male, est. years at school: 5, plus 7 more years in the area in which he may have continued to have access to children at the school
  • Left in mid-1970s
  • Music teacher, helped with theater productions at the school and at least one at 3-sch-L (where students and staff from the school performed)
  • Sexually abused girls
  • Presented as a straight man.
  • Alive
  • May still have access to children in an instututional setting through a university program aimed at helping disadvantaged youth.
  • Also associated with these people:
    • 494302-k — Music teacher at the school he may have dated
    • 311 — Rival in sexual abuse, meaning the two men vied for the same girls. Hung out with 311 and 3149 at the restaurant near 3-sch-L.
  • Also associated with these schools/institutions,:
    • 3-sch-L — Graduate.
    • 2-sch-L — Taught there before teaching at the school
    • 6-sch-N — Graduate School
    • 2-sch-L — Worked with disadvantaged youth here--may still work there

5744 was a 3-sch-L graduate who taught at 2-sch-L before coming to the school in the very early 1970s. He taught music and can probably be credited with brining Renaissance music to the school. 5744 is alleged to have sexually abused children as young as fourteen and may have been in a rivarly with 311 over at least one child at the school, maybe others. 5744 may have prided himself in his 'gentleness' when compaired to 311.

5744 played friends off of each other as part of his seduction of children. He may have co-abused more than one child at a time, encouraging them to be sexual with each other and with him at the same time. Likely sites for this is an old farm several miles from the school, and theater practice at both the school and 3-sch-L. (Sources have named the farm, and the drama practice is speculative but seems likely.) 5744 is known to have pimped at least one student to an adult male friend of his.

At one time, 5744 was living on an on-school apartment with the 15-year-old ward of 817. Presumeably both 817 and the school knew of this cohabitation. He may have dated 494302-k, a music teacher, in order to have access to her daughter, whom he allegedly abused.

5744 used music as a way of gathering students around him, setting up performances at the school and outside of it. He created a Renaissance music group for students that played around the community. Many of these performances, if not most, were also opportunities for him to sexually abuse children, making these out-of-school performances child-trafficking while the group members were underage. The group continued to exist after 5744 left the school, performing with some of its orignial members into the 1980s. This makes 5744 one of the abusers who began sexual relationships with students and continued to have some form of relationship with these students into their adulthood.

Boys who were in 5744's sphere of influence suffered because the girls they liked were 'taken' by older men--people who were more powerful than they were. This was also wounding.

5744 began abusing the daughter of a board member, 203856-k, and may have impregnated her. 5744 was thrown out of the school in 1975 when 203856-k learned of the relationship. (412324-k gave the justification that the student and the teacher were only a few years apart, but they appear to have been more than ten years apart in age.) 2442 and his wife, 571804-k, appear to have been aware of the abuse.

5744 performed solely and with students in venues around town. He was part of the He also pimped at least one student to a friend. In these venues, he performed with 4357 and with well-regarded artists and musicians from the community. These people should be queried to see if they remember 5477 abusing students, and to see if they can name any other adults to whom 5744 may have pimped out students. 5744 also staged an Elizabethan performance at 3-sch-L in auditorium; staff and students from Key performed in this. People from this performance should also be questioned.

351446-k states that she and t81415-k tried to convince 5744 to be less blatant about sleeping with students and to sleep with fewer of them.

5744 continued to have a relationship with the student he was with when he was thrown out for some time. He also continued to perform music with graduates from the school and to exert a psychological influence over them into the 1980s. He also worked as a carpenter on the investment properties owned by 412324-k who had children attending the school at the time. Her children worked on these properties with him. (Some of these properties may have been in the same neighborhood where 311 and 5320 had their house in town.) So 5744 is considered to have had continuing access to children from the school after he left. It is noteworthy that 412324-k was President of the Board for part of this time.

5744 went on to take a graduate degree 6-sch-N, where he helped found a program, 2-sch-N, created to teach science to urban youth. Through this program, he likely continued to have access to children, and may still have access to them through it today.

  1. Did 5744 continue to abuse children through his science program for urban youth?
  2. How many students were abused by both 5744 and 0311?
  3. Did the people he performed music with in the town know that he was sexually abusing students? If they knew, did they care?
  4. Whom did he pimp out students to>--it seems likely it was more than just the one.
  5. How much was 5744's abuse discussed by the board?
  6. If 5744 was thrown out by the board, other members in the administration must have been involved. Who were they?
  7. Did 5744 use his continued access to children at the school after he left as an opportunity to further abuse?
  1. Reach out the the program for disadvantaged youth to see if 5744 still has access. Warn them about him.
  2. Try to put together a list of musicians he performed with and canvas them to see what they know.
  3. See if there were other carpenters and workmen who remember him from his work on 412324-k's investment properties✯


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  • Male, est. years at school: 5, plus another 28 years of access to the school through his wife
  • Left in mid-1970s
  • Upper School teacher.
  • Sexually abused girls
  • Presented as straight male, married, father.
  • Alive
  • Not known if he currently has access to children in an instututional setting.
  • Also associated with these people:
    • 366355-k — Married to
    • 333147-k — Friend of the family
    • 213518-k — Friend of the family
  • Also associated with these schools/institutions,:
    • 3-sch-L — Graduated
    • 2-sch-L — Taught there before coming to the school

3807 came to the school from 2-sch-L in the early 1970s. He graduated from 3-sch-L. Evidence suggests he began abusing at 3-sch-L; when he came to the school, he brought with him, 366355-k, a fifteen-year-old 2-sch-L student whom he impregnanted when she was fifteen. 351446-k described the situation, but was fairly sure 366355-k wasn't a student. Rather, she was simply there and visibly pregnant, waiting for him outside of his classroom much of the time. The child, once born, appears to have been something of a fixture at the school. The child seems to have been in born in 197o or 1971 and appears as a toddler in her father's arms in the 1973 yearbook. They went on to have a number of children together, all of whom attended the school. 3807's wife, now ex-wife, still teaches at the school.

3807 may have begun abusing 366355-k sometime earlier. 373956-k recalls that 3807 was a live-aboard living off a dock at a household where she and her singler mother were renting. It's not yet known when 3807 began sexually abusing her, but it may have begun a few years before he impregnated her.

3807 married the 366355-k some years after their first child was born, possibly because she was pregnant with their second child. During this time, 3807 began abusing another girl who was a student at the school. It's possibly that this girl was babysitting for 3807. At some point, 351446-k, then his wife, began teaching at the school.

3807 also allegedly physically abused boys.

It's assumed that, because 3807's underaged 'girlfriend' was visibly pregnant and then gave birth to his child, that the entire school--faculty, staff, and students--was aware that he had sexually abused her. (There is a chance he may have continued to have access to students at he school through the early 2010s via his wife. He certainly had continued access to children at the school via babysitters into the 1980s. This access via babysiters may have continued into the early 2000s.) 3807 was a carpenter around the town until fairly recently. He did some work for 4-sch-L's museum. When a famous old tree at 3-sch-L died in the very early 1990s, 3807 received a piece of the wood and used it to create a model of the school's rather odd icon as a kind of tribute to the school, which the school gladly accepted and may still have. 3807's carving of this icon was documented in a national newspaper.

  1. Did 3807 abuse any other girls besides the two known?
  2. Did anyone say anything when 3807 presented the school with a model made from wood from a famous tree?
  3. Would it be possible to create a partial list of girls who babysat for 3807's family?
  4. 3807's carpentry work may have given him access to people's homes--did he abuse any children in these homes?
  1. Ask around to find out who babysat for 3807's family?
  2. Try to find out who 3807 did carpentry work for and alert them to speak with any children who lives in the house at the time.✯
  3. Find out who his contact was at 4-sch-L who chose him for the carpentry he did there.


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  • Male, est. years at school: 45
  • Left in 2010s
  • Founded the school's immensely successful college advising program, which involved several decades of hard-working outreach to collegs and universities. History teacher. High-level administrator in the 1980s and possibly the 1990s
  • Known to have sexually abused girls from the 1970s throug the 1990s, to include attempted rape, sexual assault, seducing students.
  • Presented as a straight male--was born in Britain.
  • Alive
  • No longer known to have access to children in an institutional setting, but lives locally near two churches, two schools, and a library in an area where children walk and ride their bikes.
  • Also associated with these people:
    • 6303 — Friend/colleague
    • 311 — Hung out at 1-oth-L with him
    • 5744 — Hung out at 1-oth-L with him
    • 6303 — Friend/colleague
    • 22026-k — Friend of her husband
    • 333147-k — Friend/colleague
    • 213518-k — Friend/colleague
    • 2442 — Friend/colleague
    • 12218-k — Friend of her husband
    • 5759 — Friend/colleague
    • 5805 — Friend/colleague
  • Not known to be associated with any other institutions

3149 came to the school in the very early 1970s and stayed for 45 years. He was known to be both a violent abuser, sexually assaulting students, and to have seduced at least two students into situations of long-term abuse--one of whom he married. They divorced in the early 1990s. No one in the community of survivors and allies has really heard from her. 3418 was abusing at least into the 1990s. He still lives locally and was seen as recently as the summer of 2018. The neighborhood where he lives affords him access to teenagers, and the apartment building in which he lives is right next to a popular church in town.

3149 was the founder of the school's much-praised colleged counselling program and personally formed connections between the school and the admissions offices of many, many colleges. (One source believes he may have slep with a few admissions officers to forge connections between those colleges and the school. Arguably, he is the reason most students who were admitted to good colleges in the late 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s were able to get in. From the standpoint of colleges, 3149 put the school on the map. This made him almost untouchable. Even now, alumni who directly benefitted from his college counselling and networking are sometimes uncomfortable with blaming him because he helped them get their start in life. Alumni he helped get into college number in the hundreds, probably between 500 and 1,000. If you count the number of students who benefitted from his college counselling program and the expertise in writing letters of recommendation that he brought to the school, this number probably rises to over 2,000.

3149 was also popular among faculty and administrators. This also made him untouchable.

In the 1970s, 3149 hung out at 1-Oth-L with 311 and 5744. He continued to hang out there for decades after those two left. He was a runner, and would run to the Little Campus, then have a drink. He is reported to have made passes at female alumni in the 1-Oth-L.

3149 would gather a small group of students around himself, usually in from the 11th or 12th grade, and groom them. Part of this grooming involved telling sexually charged stories from history, including sexually-charged jokes. In the 1980s and 1990s, this grooming was often performed through his Russian History class--sources from the 1980s and 1990s realized he was using the same sexual joke concerning Catherine the Great. 3149 sometimes would become enamored of a student, following her around, trying to form a special bond with her--sometimes he would do this with several students at once. There are unsubstantiated rumors from the late 1980s that he provided either meth or dexedrine-like drugs to at least one student. The child of aboard member is among the students he is known to have sexually abused.

3149 was also a grab-and-grope man, ascribing to a school of sexual assault that involved grooming female students, getting them alone, and sexually assaulting them. He liked to get students alone and sexually assault them. These assaults range from simply grabbing and french-kissing an underage student, to hugging them sexually with a hard-on, to attempted rape. In the 1980s and 1990s he liked to lurk in the basement of the Barn. He may have assaulted students there.

There is a whisper of a rumor that links 3149 to the 1-oth-I and to a music producer there who worked with some famouse British bands. This producer was involved with providing girls to musicians. 3149 bragged in the 1980s to his students of his connection to this place. 0311's final girlfriend was also connected to this island--she went there dreaming of hanging out with her favorite British band. This may indicate a connection between 3149 and 284445-k, and a further connection between 3129 and 311.

3149 was born in Europe. His immigration status is unknown. He was married when he came to the school. There is a rumor, unsubstantiated, that he worked as a bus driver in a major European city before coming to the school. When he arrived at the school, he was married to an age-appropriate women. A few years later, he dumped her for either the first student at the school whom he seduced, or the second.

Supposedly 3149 was a drunk by the 2000s. There are no reports so far of him coming to class drunk, but students appear to have known he had a drinking problem.

3149 was a top administrator for the Upper School in the 1980s, and under him at least two more alleged abusers (6336 and 5102) were hired and an alleged abuser from the 1970s (5850) was rehired. He was also at the school when 6336 was rehired in the very early 1990s. Apparently, he did not tell the new headmaster that 6336 was let go for sexually abusing as student.

There is an unsubstantiated rumor that 3149 may still be receiving a pension from the school. If this is so, either the school, or an investment company that it works with, has information on 3149--the school claims it knows nothing about 3149's whereabouts.

3149 left at the beginning of the current administration. It's not known why--someone should query the to see why he left.

  1. How many students did 3149 sexually assault?
  2. Is the school still paying him a pension?
  3. If the school is stilly paying him a pension, is it still paying his insurance?
  4. Can anyone substantiate what may have happened on 1-oth-I?
  5. What is his immigration status?
  6. Why did he leave at he beginning of the current administration?
  1. Contact the two churches, two schools, and the athletic club where he works out in his neiborhood to alert them that an accused sexual predator is in their midst.
  2. Reach out to his first wife, see if she'll talk.
  3. Reach out to any historians familiar with bands associated with 1-oth-I, see if 3149 rings a bell.
  4. Look for any records of him from his home country.✯


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  • Male, est. years at school: 21
  • Left in mid-1990s
  • Taught history and languages.
  • Abused girls. Physically threatened at least one.
  • Presented as straight, common-law husband. Stepfather.
  • Alive
  • Does not have access to children in an institutional setting and is probably too ill to abuse.
  • Also associated with these people:
    • 362537-k — common-law marriage.
    • 3149 — Friend/Colleague. Taught on the same floor as he did for many years.
  • Also associated with these schools/institutions,:
    • 3-sch-L — Graduate
    • 19-sch-L — Worked in library for a number of years after he left the school

5850 was a 3-sch-L grad who was hired in the early 1970s. He was let go in the mid-1970s because he was sleeping with a student, the girl was becoming vocal and erratic, and the school--probably directed by 3149--decided to let 5850 go. 5850 was rehired in the early 1980s and continued to teach at the school into the mid-1990s, when he was let go. After he was let go, he worked at 19-sch-L for a number of years, possibly as long as a decade. He is now ill, incapacitated, and not considered a threat for further abuse.

He was able to abuse in one case because he gave the child rides home from an out-of-school activity in which they were both involved. He would then take the child to his house. In the 1990s, he exhibited interest in taking a child off-campus to events--this may have been why he was let go. Getting a child off campus may have been part of how he preferred to get a child in a position where he could abuse her.

5850 is known to have assaulted a child as young as 12 (grabbed her and kissed her on the mouth) in the 1970s. He is known to have worked over several years to seduce a student in the 1970s, coming back to her after inital grooming. Once he began abusing her, he was controlling and threatening. He continued being sexual with her after she graduated and threatened her physically--she thought he might kill her or someone in her family. He showed up where she after she broke up with him, sometimes years later.

He may still possess a pornographic image of a child he abused.

He was grooming one child and abusing another in the 1990s, too. It is not known if he was doing the same in the 1980s.

In the 1970s, he became the boyfriend/common law husband of 362537-k, who taught at the school and was the parent of a child there. This relationship appears to have continued during his hiatus. They were together in the 80s, and appear to have been together in the 90s, 2000s, and 2010s, when they lived together in the country. She may still be with him.

At some point during his hiatus, he joined the Merchant Marines.5850 appears to have been good friends with 3149 in the 1990s. 3149 was very powerful then, and this may have protected 5850.

  1. Was 5850 associated with any other schools or institutions where he might have contact with children.
  2. Did he threaten other students?
  3. Who decided to rehire him, and what were the circumstances?
  4. What were the circumstances under which he was let go in the 1990s?
  1. None. The people who would know are either dead or, like 3149 and 501839-l, not talking.✯


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  • Male, est. years at school: 8
  • Left in late 1970s
  • Athletic coach
  • Abused girls -- the two girls he is known to have abused were also abused by other teachers
  • Presented as straight, unmarried. Married and had children after he left the school
  • Deceased
  • Also associated with these people:
    • 381309-k — Wife. Reputed to have been in a rivalry with a student over 5718's affections in the early 1970s. 381309-k was an adult at the time.
    • 5320 — Abused her when she was a student
    • 351446-k — Was at 3-sch-Ot with her before he came to work at the school. She claims he continued to be her friend for decades
    • 522302-k — Former board member, also associated with St. Johns College. Part of the group that almost hired 5718 to be president of 3-sch-L in the late 1990s/early 2000s
  • Also associated with these schools/institutions,:
    • 3-sch-L — Almost hired as its president in early 2000s
    • 3-sch-Ot — Worked there before and after he worked at the school, not sure how long he was there before he worked at the school. Was there close to 20 years after he left. In his position there he may have had influence over governmental policy
    • 4-sch-Ot — Appointed there as part of his work at 3-sch-Ot. Worked there at least 4 years. Retired for medical reasons

5718 worked as an athletic coach at the school. Before he came to the school, he worked at 3-sch-Ot, which is part of the government, and he went back to 3-sch-Ot after he left the school. 5718 allegedly sexually abused teenage student in the very early 1970s. 5320 says he abused her when 5320 was a child. 381309-k, the would later marry, was in the area, possibly working at the school, or at least present at the school sometimes. Stories suggest that a rivaly between a teenage girl he was abusing and his future wife while--who would have been an adult at the time.

At 3-sch-Ot, 5718 worked with 381309-k, who later served in the school's administration and later on it's board. This woman still feels very protective of 5718 and will not admit that he sexually abused students.

As part of 3-sch-Ot, 5718 was prominent in the Federal government in the 1980s, where he was a protoge of 174523-b. Probably somewhere along the way, 5718 underwent a background check, probably several, and most likely, they didn't talk to the right people at the school. 381309-k was his wife during the 80s and almost certainly knew that he abused at the school--she would have been questioned during any background check. In the late 1990s/early 2000s, he was considered for President of 3-sch-L, but a survivor contacted 3-sch-L and told them about 5718's sexual abuse of children at the school. 5320 claims she also contacted 3-sch-L to tell them not to hire 5718. 5718's candidacy to the 3-schL's Presidency was cancelled. 5718 took a high-ranking government post in 4-sch-Ot in the early 2000s instead. 5718 died fairly recently.

It cannot be ruled out that some of the policy over which he had influenced concerned children. Nor that his experience as a sexual abuser of children influenced his decisions.

  1. How much did 381309-k know?
  2. Who came to the school first, 351446-k or 5718? Or did they both arrive at the same time?
  3. Were any of the ranking US government officials who graduated or attended the school aware that 5718 was an abuser? If so, did they say anything to anyone?
  4. Why did 5718 leave 3-sch-Ot?
  5. How did 5718 come to be hired by the school
  6. Why did 5718 attempt to leave 3-sch-Ot in the late 1990s/early 2000s to become President of 3-sch-L?
  1. Ask the ranking US government officials who came out of the school if they were aware that 5718 sexually abused children.
  2. Contact 351446-k to see if she's willing to say how 5718 came to leave 3-sch-Ot.
  3. Ask 351446-k if she knows how 5718 was rehired by 3-sch-Ot.
  4. After contacting 351446-k, contact 351446-k and ask her the same, including questions about what she knows about 5718's behavior at the school. (Ask her after asking 351446-k because 351446-k is likely to tip her off.)✯


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  • gender, est. years at school: 4
  • Left in mid-1970s
  • High-ranking administrator
  • Allowed abuse to occur, rumors he may have sexually abused a student at a party
  • Presented as straight male. Married. Father.
  • Alive
  • Almost certainly does not have continued access to children now.
  • It is not known who 3638 associated with. He was not a successful administrator at the school--perhaps partly because he never formed close connections with other faculty and administrators, which has always been a prerequisite for any form of success at the school--you need to be close to the right in-crowd of administrators and faculty to succeed.
  • It is not known what other institutions he was associated with, but 3638 appears to have been a career educational person for at least part of his life, so he probably was association with other places.

3638 was at the school in the 1970s, but is not named as an abuser by prominent sources from the 1970s. Rather, a source from after their time recalls a party in Eastport (might have been at the house of 0311 and 5372) where 3638 made out with a student. 3149 was allegedly at this party.

What is certain is that 3638 was a high-level administrator at the school during some of the worst sexual abuse, a time when teachers openly dated students, when a pornographic cast of a student's naked torso was on prominent display--children as young as five are shown in pictures in the building where it was displayed in the years it was displayed. It's pretty safe to assume that children age 5-18 saw it. Much of what 351446-k says should be taken with a grain of salt, but I do believe her story that the complained to 3638 about the rampant sexual abuse, and his response was, essentially, 'so what.'

Something about this party feels like a setup. 3638 does not follow the pattern of the other male abusers from that time, and he was an administrator who was beginning to understand the extent of the abuse--and he was in a position to do something about it. The party was in the part of town where 311 had his house and it occurred when 311 lived there--the party may have in fact been at his house. 3149 is believed to have attended that party.

351446-k says she and 81415-k got 3638 fired because he wasn't doing anything about the abuse. She described him as a weak person. This version of events seems slightly unlikely, given 351446-k's deep affection for 311, who was probably the worst abuser. 3638 has spoken to survivors and allies and states that he became aware of the abuse and was startled by it. This is speculation, but it's possible he was let go because 1.) he wasn't part of the school's in-group, and 2.) he posed a threat to the abusers.

  1. What is 3836's side of the story of what happened between him 351446-k and 81415-k over the abuse?
  2. How was 3836 hired?
  3. What other schools and institutions was 3836 associated with?
  1. Contact 3836. He's spoken with other people. Maybe he'll speak again.
  2. Contact 81415-k. See what he has to say about 3836 and the abuse.
  3. 3836 had a son who is now a teacher and who attended the school. It would be interesting to hear what he has to say.
  4. Find other students who attended this party in town who may be willing to talk.
  5. When canvassing neighbors of 311, ask about parties in the late-1970s that may have been attended by children from the school.✯


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  • Male, est. years at school: 40
  • Left in very early 2010s
  • Athletic coach
  • Weird form of sexual/physical assault involving co-abuse with 464. Seems to have been aware of the other abuse at the school, but there's no record he ever did anything. Brought an abuser on as temporary staff on a camping trip
  • Presented as straight male. Married. Father.
  • Alive
  • Still has access to children at?
  • Also associated with these people:
    • 571804-k — Wife.
    • 3149 — Friend, colleague
    • 5718 — Colleague, possibly friend
    • 366355-k — It's likely he was close to her as a colleague
    • 464 — co-abused a student with him
    • 106020-k — Maintenance person he was friends with
  • Also associated with these schools/institutions,:
    • 3-sch-W — Began teaching there when he retired from the school--may still teach there.
    • 6-sch-L — Taught there before teaching at the school

2442 came to the school after teaching at 6-sch-L. He may have been brought on to help 5718 coach sports. He worked as an athletic coach at the school into the 2000s. He is known to have threatened physical abuse of students to the point where it could be considerd assault. He would grab the arms of male students so forcefully as to bruise them. A favored trick of his was to stand students along a wall and use a lacrosse stick to bounce balls at high speeds off the wall right above the students' heads. The school tolerated this--even encouraged his behavior--because they believed it was character-building.

A source from the 1970s claims that 2442 and 464 would regularly perform a form of strange, bullying form of sexual assault on her in front of her classmates. She was a teenager when they did this. 2442 and 0464 also invented an obscene name for her. Their actions constitute co-abuse of a child. On one camping trip in the 1980s, 2442 solicited and received backrubs from a student who was fourteen years old. Both were fully-clothed, and the backrub took place in front of other students. 2442 joked about how 'low down on his back' would she go. Later that night, he invited her to give him a private backrub where he slept. This student was bullied by 6336, probably the same year. (Sadly, once a teacher marked a student as a target, they stayed a target, usually through the rest of their time at the school, no matter how smart or talented they were.)

2442 brought 5759 onto a camping trip where 5759 abused two students. These students believe 5759 was 2442's friend.

2442 brought many students into his group, which was mostly students who played lacrosse. Being a member of 2442's group tended to protect a student from abuse. 2442 was often close to female students, particularly if they were athletic, but sometimes even if they weren't. As stated earlier, if 2442 wasn't bullying you, his office was regarded by many as a safe place.

2442 appears to have been present for much of the abuse at the school. Students often confided in him; if he wasn't bullying you, his office was a safe place. It is likely that 2442 is aware of four decades of abuse at the school, down to the names of most of the alleged abusers and many of their survivors. Unfortunately, stories suggest that 2442 is verging losing his mental competancy, or may have lost it. His wife, 571804-k, is rumored to be disabled with a degenerative disease and wheelchair-bound. She may also be teaching at the same school he is.

2442 and 464 both had glassed-in offices, 2442 in the Barn, and 464 in the Science Building. Because 464 was involved in facilities and in building the amphitheater, it's possible that he also designed 2442's office and his own.

Rumor has it that 2442 was married to a different woman when he first came to the school. According to the rumor, 571804-k was also teaching at the school, and they struck up a relationship. There hasn't been time to follow up on this, and the actions of consenting adults are their own business, but it's worth looking into because male teachers who had affairs at the school were sometimes also involved in the sexual abuse of girls.

Many alum still love and revere 2442. When the story of the abuse broke, many alumni wondered, with a bit of heartbreak, what 2442 knew.

2442 was always close to the maintenance people. Sources remember him being close to 464 and 106020-k. He would sometimes hang out in their maintenance area near what was then the kindergarten (and was, for a time, the area where Upper School students were allowed to smoke. 2442 had something of a working-class vibe to him. (2442 wasn't a smoker, though; he's reputed to have only one lung.) The maintenance area was where the canoes for the camping trips were stored. 2442 was in charge of outdoor education in the 1980s (and possibly part of the 1970s and part of the 1990s), so he often had reason to be in the maintenance area. It's not known if he knew about 5831.

It is believed that 2442 spoke with the school's investigators in the spring of 2018. It may be that he doesn't see himself as an abuser or as someone who contributed to the abuse. If 2442 was as much in the know in the 1990s and 2000s as he was in the 1970s and 1980s, he probably knows the names of many, if not most, of the abusers, including those who are still at the school.

  1. Why did 2442 leave 6-sch-L?
  2. What was his relationship with 5718?
  3. Was he aware that 311, 3149, 5477, 6336 and others?
  4. Did 2442's closeness to female students ever result in abuse?
  5. What did 2442 know about the abuse over the decades? (Probably unanswerable.)
  6. What was his relationship with 464?
  7. Did he know about 5831?
  1. Ask 2442 for a list of people whom he brought onto camping trips as aids. If he can't answer, 366355-k may be able to.
  2. Ask 2442 why 5718 left and if 2442 ever spoke with government investigators about him in refernce to background checks.✯
  3. Find 2442's previous wife and see if she has anything to say.
  4. Ask 2442 how 6336, 5201, 4054, 802, 5759, and 464 were hired. In particular, he may be the only person alive willing to discuss how 5759 was hired.


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  • Male, est. years at school: 4
  • Left in mid-1970s
  • Facilities person. Helped design and build the school's famed and beloved outdoor amphitheater.
  • Weird form of sexual/physical assault involving co-abuse with 2442.
  • It's not known how he presented himself.
  • Alive
  • Still has access to children through his role as an artist in the library system of a nearby major city
  • Also associated with these people:
    • 2442 — Co-abuser
    • 382422-k — Built the amphitheater with him.
  • Also associated with these schools/institutions,:
    • 20-sch-L — Works there as an artist-in-residence

0464 was a facilities staffer who had his office in the glassed-in room on the first floor of the Science Building. He allegedly sexually abused both girls and boys. With 2442 he often tickled a student until she peed in her pants (making him a co-abuser). On his own, he allegedly abused at least one boy. 0464 helped design and build the school's amphitheatre. Whenever students sit to watch performances or have gatherings, they sit in a structure created by a man who allegedly sexually abused children.

464 worked with (and been friends with) 382422-k, the husband of 3056. His office was the downstairs office in the Science Building (it used to be glassed-in, much like 2442's office in the Barn.

464 is currently a writer/artist in 20-sch-L. He is believed to still have contact with children through artist-in-resident-type work.

  1. Other than the amphitheater, what on campus did 464 help design/build? (Possibiliteis include interior of the Barn, interior of the Science Building--any renovations done in the late 1970s or planned in the late 1970s and build in the early-mid 1980s.)
  2. How did 2442 come to be friends with 464?
  3. What was 464's relationship with 382422-k?
  4. Does/did 464 present as gay, straight, or bi?
  1. Contact 20-sch-L and let them know they have an alleged child sex abuser in their midst.
  2. Ask 2442 and his wife about 464--see what they're willing to say.
  3. See what 351446-k remembers about 464.
  4. See what 3638 remembers about 464.✯


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  • Male, est. years at school: 30+
  • Left in 2010s
  • Lower School teacher.
  • Sexually-tinged punishmen of an elementary school child
  • Presented as gay, but quietly so.
  • Alive
  • He is not known to have access to children in an institutional setting, but he lives in
  • Also associated with these people:
    • 22026-k — Co-taught with her for 30+ years.
    • 311329-b — She knew him for decades, probably his friend, at least when he taught
    • 291639-b — She knew him for decades, probably his friend, at least when he taught
  • 1043 is not known to be associated with other schools or institutions, but nothing so far is known of his life before he came to the school. He would have been about 30 when he came to the school, so presumeably he worked elsewhere.

1043 began teaching at the school's Lower School in the mid-1970s and left in the 2010s. He taught fourth grade alongside 22026-k for well over 30 years, leaving in the 2010s. A survivor states that 1043 meted sexually-tinged punishments out on the survivor when the survivor was a child, but states there was no sexual penetration. He is not known to have any children, but members of his family did attend the school.

1043 was 4357’s roommate when 4357 lived in his apartment in town in the 1970s. It is not known if 1043 lived with 4357 before 1043 started teaching at the school, or what relationship 1034 and 4357 was.

1043 also supervised the bullying of a black child in the 1970s, inviting other students in the class to touch her hair as an educational exercise.

1043 presents as gay, but quietly so. So far, no one from the school community has come forward with information about sexual relationships 1043 had with any adults.

He still lives locally in the same neighborhood as 3149. He is mildly active in the local arts community, having had an art show a few years ago.



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  • Female, est. years at school: 3 as a student, 4 as an abuser, 6 living locally, during which time she may have continued to sexually abuse children
  • Graduated early-mid-1970s. Left late 1970s, possibly may have been around after the late-1970s purge of abusers. May even have taught part-time into the very early 1980s.
  • Faculty child. Student. Survivor. Teacher. Abuser. Wife/ex-wife of abuser (311). Parent of children at the school.
  • Co-abused with 311 at least one girl and probably other girls and boys with 311.
  • Presented as straight (possibly straight-ish), wife. Mother. Teacher. Talented artist.
  • Alive
  • Still may have access to children through 12-sch-L, where she's known to have taught and possibly had art in shows. She also has friends who perform there.
  • Also associated with these people:
    • 311 — Abused by him. Married to him. Co-abused with him. Held more-or-less captive by him in the countryside.
    • 5718 — Abused by him. With another survivor, may have helped 5718 from becoming President of 3-sch-L.
    • 351446-k — Went to Al-Anon meetings together. 351446-k once considered her a very dear friend--friendship appears to have existed into the 2000s
    • 295861-k — Her mother
    • 185057-k — Divorce lawyer involved with her divorce from 311. 185057-k may also be advising her currently because there is a chance a survivor may bring rape charges against her.
  • Also associated with these schools/institutions,:
    • 12-sch-L — Attended, not known if she graduated.
    • 12-sch-L — Has taught there, has shown her art there, has friends who perform there and probably has friends who show their art there.

5320 is a fairly tragic case. She came to the school as a student, was abused by 311 and 5718. While she was a student, her boyfriend, also a student (and son of 5451), was killed in a violent car crash. She then became 311's on-campus 'girlfriend.' She was likely involved in group sex with him and other students. 311 was seen at the on-campus memorial for her boyfriend with his arm around her. When she was underage and may have served as a sort of 'procurer' for him, meaning she directed her peers to him for the purpose of sex. She is known to have sent at least one survior to 530359-k, a local African American doctor, to procure birth control--the survivor described this as if it were commong for 5320 to do this. While she was a studena and for a time after, a cast of her naked torso was on display in the small gymnasium.

When 5320 came to the school, her parents were married. They divorced at some point--and her mother taught at the school. There were a large number of children in the family, all went to the school, and at least in the 1980s, the family appeared to be poor--to the point where 333147-k commented on it, and other faculty seemed to take pity on them.

It might be worth noting that 5320 was very beautiful. A student's beauty didn't, at the end of the day, seem to have much to do with whether they were abused or not. Nor is it, in any way, an excuse for abuse. But some abusers (311, 3149, 5744) seemed to enjoy the cache of having a beautiful underaged girl as their public 'girlfriend.' This observation is based on how many sources noted that certain students were the 'public girlfriends' of these abusers. These public girlfriends were usually rather beautiful.

After she graduated, 5320 continued as 311's girlfriend, and continuing to have sex with students, only now, as an adult, this meant she was an abuser. She married 311; together as husband and wife, they continued to abuse children at the school. This abuse appears to have continued after both 311 and 5320 left the school. They then moved to the countryside, where 311 kept her as "a virtual prisoner" (her words) in their house there. Then the moved to another place in the country near 15-sch-L. At some point in the late 1980s, she left him. She had children by the man she married after 311. 5320 came back to teach at the school briefly in the early 2000s and sent her children to the school.

5320 is also problematic because she claims to have seen 6270 abuse a student at 5-oth-L in the early 2000s. 6207 still teaches at the school, where he is a powerful and influential teacher, one who appears to have taken the place of 2442 in position and prestige. She claims she saw the abuse when she taught at the school in the aerly 2000s and went to 191129-k, who was a high-level administrator. 191129-k ignored 5320, saying that 6207 was a popular teacher. 5320 appears to have then gone to a survior who had gone to 501839-l in the 1990s about the abuse. That survior then told 314050-k, then a member of the board; 314050-k ignored her for the same reason.

5320 and 351446-k attended al-anon together for a period, possibly in the 1980s and 1990s.

5320 claims that the underaged student she saw abused was the daughter of 255536-k, a long-time board member and huge donor to the school. There is a chance that, in saying this, she was trying to throw people a curveball--tell the questioner that the the daugther of a powerful local man as a survivor, then when the questioner repeats this information, if it's not true, the questioner looks like an unreliable fool. The way the information was conveyed intimates this may be the case. (A reason she may have for harming the questioners reputation is that the questioner may have gotten to close.) Because she spoke out in the early 2000s, it seems likely that she saw a student abused. But the identity of that student is less than certain.

In the 90s, she helped at least one of the survivors who was trying to get the school to admit to the abuse. At that time, it appears that someone threatened 5320's life for her role as an abuser.

5320 almost spoke with the police in 2018, but over the summer stated that she refuses to speak with journalists, police, or school investigators--she's stated that she's willing to speak to survivors and allies to help out, but so far, she's only spoken with one, possibly two people from the survivors and allies group. On one hand, she appears to want the story to come out. On the other hand, it appears she is frightened that she could be prosecuted for child rape if she comes forward. She appears to have lawyered up, and this may be one of the things stalling the county's investigation into child sex abuse at 1-sch-L.

Many survivors from the 1970s believe 5320's mother, 295861-k, knew about about the abuse while it was going on. 295861-k has denied this. If 5320's mother did know, then the lack of resources that women in poverty tend to have may play a role. Also, students who remember 5320's mother as a teacher recall rumors that 295861-k was mistreated by her father (rumors of physical abuse). Students who remember also recall that, despite the liberal leanings of 295861-k, she tended to follow very traditional gender role models, in particular the model where women do not question men. This was how 295861-k presented herself as a teacher; how she presented herself at home may have been different.

185057-k handled her divorce from 311 and appears to be giving her informal legal council while the school investigates. 185057-k has friends who are connected to 12-sch-L and the local arts community in the town. 5320 and may still have contact with children and young people through 12-sch-L. 185057-k and 5320 both play a role in the local arts community, though 5320's position in local arts appears to have diminished in recent years.

  1. Did 5320 have to leave her teaching position at the school in the early 2000s because she told the headmaster that 6207 was abusing a student?
  2. When did 5320's parents divorce?
  3. How many children did 5320 abuse?
  4. Did 5320 abuse boys as well as girls?
  5. Was 5320 also socially connected to 15-sch-L the way 311 was?
  6. Is 185057-k doing anything behind the scenes (politically or with friends in the judicial system) to slow down, stall, or stop the county's case against the school to protect her friend?
  1. Contact 5320 and see if she's willing to reconsider speaking to the police.
  2. Ask 5320 for information about how 311 was hired, exactly what occurred with the school when he was fired.
  3. Ask 5320 about 311's background. Many people wonder how such a monster could have been made.
  4. Ask 5320 for a full list of people at the school who protected 311, including any administrators he may have slept with.✯


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  • Male, est. years at school: 12
  • Left in late 1980s
  • High-level administrator
  • Not known to have abused at the school, but known to have abused at his previous school. Contributed to sexual abuse at he school through near-complete inaction
  • Presented as straight, male. Married. Father. Parent of students at he school
  • Deceased
  • Also associated with these people:
    • 12218-k — Married to her
    • 3149 — Friend/colleague
    • 6303 — Friend/colleague
    • 2442 — Friend/colleague
    • 5324 — Friend/colleague
    • 412324-k — Friend from childhood/colleague when she was on the board and President of the board
    • 22026-k — Friend/colleague
    • 333147-k — Friend/colleage
    • 160348-k — Probably friend/colleague
  • Also associated with these schools/institutions,:
    • 1-sch-MA — high-level administrator 2 yrs
    • 1-sch-MW — high-level administrator 18 yrs
    • 1-sch-N — 4 yrs
  1. What was 412324-k's relationship with him when she was a child?
  2. How did 412324-k come to know he abused at 1-sch-MA?
  3. Can sources be found for 5759's time at his previous school?
  4. Does 5320 know anything about what the school knew when 5759 was hired?
  5. Are 5759's children willing to share his papers with survivors, school investigators, or the police?
  6. Ask 2442 if the school knew of 5759's past when he was hired.
  7. Ask at 1-sch-N to see if anyone remmbers 5759.
  8. Can survivors from his previous school be found?
  1. Check libraries and archives near 5759's previous school to see if they have any papers that may shed light on his time ther or turn up further sources.
  2. See if his kids are willing to share his papers with researches among the survivors and allies.
  3. Make sure his kids are ok.✯

5759 was a high-level administrator at a different school where he was fired in 1975 for sexually abusing a student. He was subsequently hired as a high-level administrator at the school in 1976. It is believed that he sexually abused at least one student at his previous school, and that is why he was let go. He also taught at 1-sch-N in the mid-1950s; 1-sch-N has a long history of sexual abuse that has come out recently in the papers. It is believed that people at the school knew 5759 was fired from his previous school for abuse when they hired him. 5759 left the school in the late 1980s.

There is no indication that 5759 ever abused at the 1-sch-L, which is is the focus of this webpage.

Most students remember him as a kindly, gentle man, famous for falling asleep during his own classes (he taught education, widely considered the easiest class in the school). As an administrator, he was known to be fair and merciful, particularly to female students.

412324-k knew him when she was a student at 1-sch-N. She claims he was involved in a sexaul scandal (among adults, not children) at 1-sch-MW, where he was a high-level administrator. This may have been why he left that school. This information is being mentioned because, at 1-sch-L, sexual scandals among adults were often adjacent to the sexual abuse of children.

They may have hired him despite his history because he had, aside from the abuse, a stellar resume in the private school community. He'd gone to a top New England college and been headmaster at a prominent private school in the MidWest. Another theory is that he may have been hired because of his history; abusers who remained at the school would feel less threatened by a man who'd already been fired for sexual abuse.

One source from the late 1970s early 1980s remembers that 5759's wife was very angry and harsh with him, to the point where other teachers felt sorry for 5759. His wife is now deceased, but it stands to reason that she knew of the abuse. She began serving on the board sometime in the 1980s, and may have served on the board after he left. 5759's children have refused further comment, though there is a rumor that they had no idea their father was fired from his previous school.

5759 signed the expulsion papers for one of the boys who came forward about the abuse in the 1980s. (The boy complained about 6336.) The boy was still a student; officially, he was not expelled for complaining about 6336, but for returning ten minutes late from an intermission during a school field trip where students went to see a play. The school's rationale was that this was the last in a series of misbehaviors; however, many students acted far worse, smoking pot on campus, going down, en masse, to the local community beach to drink alcohol during school hours, so this explanation seems spurious. This boy was one of two boys 5759 expelled at the same time; the second boy may also have complained about the abuse. He is now deceased, so it's not possible to ask him. A third boy who complained while 5759 was at the school was forced out. A fourth boy who complained was ignored, but left alone.

5759's previous school has been contacted, and they deny there was any abuse. The source who contacted 5759's previous school may not have been the first to speak with them about 5759 because the previous school already had a story on hand to explain why he was fired--that he was the first headmaster who had not been connected to the family that founded the school, and that family had trouble with the transition. There is a strange newspaper article describing how 5758 was fired from the school, but allowed to continue to live on campus until the end of the year, as long as he had no further contact with children. When he died, his surving family were surprised to find, in his papers, evidence that he had been fired from his previous school.


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  • Male, est. years at school: 35+
  • Still teaches performing arts at the school
  • Rumors he abused a girl in the early 1980s and another girl in the 1990s.
  • Presents as straight, married, step-father and school parent
  • Alive, still teaches at the school
  • Also has had access over the decades to students at other schools via performing arts trips--and may continue to do have this access now. May also have access to children through the local arts community, possibly through 4-oth-L
  • Also associated with these people:
    • 142510-k — Had an affair with her
    • 142510-k — wife
    • 185344-k — Mentored by her
  • 21-sch-L — Received a degree from there

802 was hired in the late 1970s. There are rumors he sexually abused in the 1980s, but these are vague and the name of the survivor(s) is not known. He has a graduate degree, and it is rumored that 185344-k helped him with his dissertation--and that, in his dissertation, he basically stole a great deal of her work.

In the 1990s, he began an affair with an administratorl both were married at the time. A credible source believes he sexually abused this woman's daughter, who was then a student at the school. Later, 802 started up another affair with a teacher, whom he later married. His wife still works at the school.

Through extracurricular activities, 802 has, for decades, had access to students outside of school hours and off school propertly. He also has, for decades, had access to students at other schools. The student whom he allegedly abused now works in the Lower School.

  1. Is 142510-k aware of the rumor that 802 abused her daughter?
  1. Speak with the administrator and ask her about her daughter. Tell her who the source is.
  2. Ask students who participated in his activities about what they may know✯


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  • Male, est. years at school: 11
  • Left in late 1980s
  • English teacher.
  • Smoked pot with students. Strong rumor that he abused two girls in the late 1980s
  • Presented as straight, married. Father.
  • Alive
  • Still may have access to children at the school through his wife, 22026-k, who teaches there
  • Also associated with these people:
    • 22026-k — Married to
    • 333147-k — Colleague/friend--co-taught a writing workshop with her in the 1980s. Lived within walking distance of her house
  • There's a rumor that he continued to teach after he left 1-sch-L, but no one seems to know the particulars.

4054 is believed to have come to the school sometime in the late 1970s. In the 1980s, he claimed to have started teaching to avoid the draft, but if this is the case, he taught somewhere else before he came to the school. He left the school in the late 1980s. He is known to have smoked marijuana with students at school, probably during school hours (lunchtime), and he sometimes taught class stoned. (Students claimed he smelled of pot, and then there were the air-guitar sessions he did standing on his desk

He taught Upper School English and is not known to have taught any other subjects. Note: at this time, the 8th grade was part of the Upper School, and he taught 8th grade English at some point. in the 2000s, he married a teacher who currently teaches at the school, so while he no longer teaches at the school, he may have access to students there. 4054 may have taught students at another local school after he left, and there is a rumor he taught for awhile at a local public school.

During some of his time at the school, 4054's classroom was across from the girl's bathroom that had the peephole looking into it. One source remembers him going into the maintenance closet on break.

4054 publically bullied a scholarship student from a fairly impoverished family in front of the entire class in the late 1980s. He felt he was justified because he felt she asked too many questions during class. Rich students were allowed more leeway (including coming to class drunk and being disruptive). This student, who did neither--he singled her out.

4054 smoked marijuana with at least one member of a class that graduated in the mid-80s, and is rumored to have smoked marijuana with others. The known and suspected students with whom he allegedly smoked pot are all male. He is also rumored to have had sexual contact with students in the late 80s. These students have been contacted, but neither is willing to speak.

4054 was on the poster that several students made in the mid-1980s to protest teachers who behaved in a sleazy manner toward students. (Featured along with 3149 and 6336.)

4054 was angry about interactions between students and faculty before he left and some things he said to students indicated he may have been angry about 6336, 3149, and 6303. Although he's on this list, he may be willing to talk--anyone speaking with him should not intimate that he's on this list. He left at the same time that 6336 was asked to leave (the first time), 5759, 333147-k, 5324 also left that year. 6303 left the year before. It was a kind of a mini-purge--lesser than the one in the late 1970s.

In the 2010s, 22026-k married 4052. She had been previously married to 6303.

  1. Did 4054 know about the peephole in the Science Building?
  2. What is it with 22026-k and marrying alleged abusers?
  3. Is 4054 aware of allegations about the household situation in 22026-k's family?
  4. At what other schools did 4054 teach?
  1. Contact 4054 and see if he'll talk about other abusers--he just might.
  2. Ask him if he knows about the peephole.✯


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  • Male, est. years at school: 30+
  • Still works at the school
  • Staff, formerly a student
  • Allegedly tried to sexually assault/have sex with a drunking 14-year-old at a senior party when he was an adult newly hired by the school
  • Presents as striaght, married. Father of a student.
  • Alive
  • Still has access to children at the school?
  • Also associated with these people:
    • 106020-k — Former maintenance person
    • 265227-k — Former maintenance person
  • Not known to be associated with other schools or institutions.

2341 was a student at the school and then was hired as a facilities person after he graduated. Shortly after he was hired, when he would have been 19 or 20, he attended a senior party, where he allegedly tried to have sex with a girl who was so drunk she was incapacitated. The girl was 14 at the time.

There are no other known incidents where 2341 attempted to have sex with or to sexually assault an underaged person. 2341 still works at the school and has at least one child who attends.



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  • female, 30 years at the school
  • Left in early 2010s
  • Coac.
  • Physical
  • Alive
  • Unknown
  • Also associated with these people:
    • 1215 — knows from high school
    • 2442 — colleague
  • Also associated with these schools/institutions,:
    • 18-sch-L — graduated from there.
    • 24-sch-L — taught there before teaching at the school

1508 was a coach for over thirty years. She’s listed here because of physical abuse in which she engaged during a health check. During PE, she was using calipers to measure body fat of all students. This was public, in front of the entire class. She took the arm of a skinny girl she disliked, incorrectly placed the calipers around the girl’s biceps, and deliberately pinched very hard, harming the girl and leaving a bruise. Then she announced in front of the class that the skinny girl actually had an unacceptable level of body fat. She has also been reported by several sources for psychological abuse.

1508 went to high school with ✵1215✵ at 18-sch-L. As of a year ago, they were still Facebook friends. It’s been reported that she did not regard herself as an insider among the faculty at the school. She was a coach at 18-sch-L before coming to the school.

  1. Were there other students she harmed?
  2. Does she understand that her actions were abusive?
  3. Did she help get 1215 hired?


  • gender, est. years at school: Less than 1
  • Left in 1981
  • Helper on a camping trip.
  • Known to have sexually abused a boy and a girl
  • Presented as unknown
  • Rumored to be deceased
  • Also associated with these people:
    • 2442 — Brought him along on the trip
  • Not known if he was associated with other institutions; however, some students who volunteered on school camping trips in the 1980s were students at 3-sch-L.

931 was a camping trip helper brought on by 2442. A female survivor has come forward to state that he sexually molested her on a caming trip in 1981. A male survivor, and friend of hers, has come forward about being molested on the same trip. The student thought he was making out with a girl his age who was obliging him by petting his crotch, only to realize that 931 was actually petting his (the student's) crotch.

The female survivor believes that 931 is deceased and that he may have gone on to have a criminal record for sexual contact with a minor. If so, he may be one of the few (possibly the only) abuser at the school to appear in the criminal record for child sex abuse.

  1. Who were the helpers 2442 brought onto camping trips. There seem to have been a fair number of them in the 1980s, and they had free access to children during the night, often sharing a sleeping space with them.
  2. In the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, what did the school require in the way of references and background checks before allowing adults onto camping trips to help out?
  1. Put together a list of adults who helped out on camping trips.
  2. Hit he court records to see if there are any records of 931 being brought in for child sex abuse or for anything else✯
  3. See if 931's obit or death certificate can be found.


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  • Peephole, est. years at school: 5+, possibly longer
  • Not known when it was filled in--assumed gone by mid-1990s, but that's a guess
  • Peephole into the downstairs girls bathroom in the Science Building--allowed viewers to see girls as young as 13 peeing and undressings.
  • Hole in the floor of a upstairs maintenance closet
  • Assumed to be gone--there may still be physical evidence that it was there.
  • Also associated with these people:
    • 3149 — Had a classroom in the top of the Science Building
    • 5805 — Had a classroom in the mezzanine across from the maintenance closet.
    • 4054 — One source (unsubstantiated) recalls him spending time in the maintenance closet.
    • 2341 — Was a recent graduate and newly-hired maintenance man at the time. He may have known about it
    • 106020-k — Head maintenance man at the time. Had keys to everything. He almost certainly would have known about the peephole.

5831 isn't a person, it's a peephole discovered by students in the upstairs maintenance closet of the Science Building. The closet was kept locked and only faculty/staff had the key. In the mid-1980s, students pried it open for fun and found inside a coffee can, like Maxwell House, covering a hole in the floor. Looking through the hole, the students discovered that it looked into the bathroom stall of the girl's bathroom on the first floor of the building. Girls as young as 13 used that bathroom. A man who remembers finding the peephole when he was a teenager and a student at the school recalls that, as a boy, he looked through it and saw one of his female classmates peeing. This means the peephole propbably looked down over the toilet.

5831 is described as being a 2x3 inch, or perhaps 2x4 inch rectangular hold cut in the plywood, resembling a hole for a lightsocket, but in the wrong place for an electrical fixture. (The source went on to a career in construction as an adult.) Note: the source's description suggests a hole large enough to take photographs through with a regular camera.

The maintenance closet was beteen the classrooms of 3149 and 5805, both of whom have been publicly accused of sexually abusing students. Students form the 1980s remember 3149 and possibly 4054 going into the closet to 'meditate' and to 'take a break from students' during the schoolday between classes.

One of the students who found the peephole went into to work in construction--going back through his memory, he believes the peephole was built into the building. The Science Building was originally one-story, with a kind of open area between two sets of windows at the top. In 1981, this open area was filled in and a second floor created. If the peephole was built into the building, this is possibly when it occurred. It's not known when the peephole was boarded up. (We're assuming it was.) So we're guessing a year in the 1990s.

Every girl who attended the school from age 13 and up may have been viewed through the peephole. Before the gym was built, female students scrambled for bathroom to change in for PE and sports practice, and that was one of the bathrooms used. Girls used to line up in the hall outside 4054's classroom to use that tiny bathroom as a changing room.

In the 1980s, there weren't any other girls' bathrooms in that building, and 3149 was known to go in there to take breaks between classes. He said he liked the dark and liked getting away from students. One source also has a faint memory of older maintenance people going in there, too. 106020-k was the lead maintenance person at the time; he had the keys to everything, so it's likely he knew about the hole. The source remembers a maintenance person, 36014-k, going into the closet, and as head of maintenance, 106020-k would have had keys.

  1. What physical evidence remains of the peephole?
  2. Would 106020-k or his wife, 411961-k, be willing to speak about this?
  3. Would 2341 be willing to speak about the peephole?
  4. 2442 was close to the maintenance people. Has anyone asked him about the peephole?
  1. Find the building plans for the 1981 renovation of the Science Building that added the 2nd floor. See what they show.
  2. Find the plans for the original Science Building
  3. Ask 5759's children if they heard anything about the peephole.
  4. Ask 4054 if he remembers anything about the peephole. He was reportedly very angry when he left and even now might be willing to implicate someone out of spite.✯


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  • gender, est. years at school: 6 or 7
  • Left in late 1980s
  • Science teacher
  • When 4512 was a student, he claimed that he and 5201 were 'dating.'
  • Presented as unknown.
  • Alive
  • Possibly still has access to children in an institutional setting, but may have retired recently
  • Also associated with these people:
    • 4512 — 4512 claimed they dated when was a student
  • Also associated with these schools/institutions,:
    • 11-sch-L — Taught ther for many years after leaving 1-sch-L. Possibly up until the last year or two

5102 first appears at the school in either the late 1970s or the early 1980s. Unfortunately, information is scant on when he first arrived. He appears to have left in the late 1980s; he wasn't disliked, but he also appears not to have been particularly influential.During the 80s. 4512, a boy (a student) who was openly bi/gay stated that he and 5102 were 'dating.'' That they were dating was simply known and accepted by the student body. The student body considered it more edgy that 5201 and 4512 were both male than that a teacher was dating a student.

The rumor was that 5201 had been in a motorcycle crash that had hurt his legs and (possibly) scarred his face. He wears a beard in photographs.

A woman who attended the school in the early 80s remembers dancing a slow dance with him when she was a teenager. He held her close and told her that he didn't see age as an impediment to a relationship. She says nothing further happened.

According to his FB page, he has become very religious since he left the school.

4512 committed suicide in the early 2010s.

  1. When did 5201 start at and leave the school?
  2. Did 5201 abuse other students?
  1. Ask other students from the 1980s about 5201 and the boy.
  2. See if 5102 molested any other children, particularly in the very early 80s, before 5201 might have begun withthe boy.
  3. Contact students who attended the public school where 5201 taught. See if there are stories of him abusing there.
  4. Contact 5102. Tell him 4512 killed himself. See if maybe he'll talk.✯


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  • Male, est. years at school: 4 in highschool
  • Left in mid-1980s
  • Student at the school.
  • Allegedly sexually molested boys in his class while they were drunk at at a party
  • Presented as bi during high school, gay as an adult
  • Deceased - suicide
  • Also associated with these people:
    • 5102 — Abused him
    • 322118-k — Mother and board member
  • Not known to be associated with any instututions where he would have had access to children.

4512 was an openly bi/gay male student at the school who was allegedly abused by 5201. He is on this list because, at his senior party, he allegedly sexually assaulted some of his male classmates when they were inebriated.

He identified as bi/gay when he was a student and as gay when he was an adult. 4512's mother was on the board--unfortunately, this did not protect her son from abuse. It is believed that she was a single mother while he was in school. 4512 is also rumored to have used cocaine as a student. 4512 died in the 2010s, allegedly suicide. That he died intestate and that there was a significant clean-up fee associated with his death supports this. He died recently enough that his death certificate is still closed. No obit has been found.

4512 is remembered as fashionable, talented, well-liked, and kind as a student. One Halloween, he came to school in a red dress, looking like the a completely glamorous woman. People thought he was some student's rich mother. Students still call him brave for being out as a teen--rare in the 1980s--and feel lucky to have known him. He is also remembered for being open about his sexuality as an adult.

Although this story is tragic, it is important because it shows that:

  • The boy was being abused and became an abuser..
  • The children of faculty and even board members were not immune from abuse.
  • Being on the faculty or the board does not protect your child if you are a single mother
  • LGBTQ students are at risk at the school.

  1. Do any more of 4512's friends remember him telling them the details of his relationship with 5102?
  1. Contact 5102 to see what he has to say. His facebook page indicates that he may have gotten religion and the news of 4512's death may prompt him to speak.
  2. Ask students from the mid-80s about the senior party to see if any more of 4512's survivors are willing to come forward.✯


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  • Male, est. years at school: 4
  • Left in late 1980s
  • Taught physics, logic, philosophy, coached softball, coached basketball, ran an automotive repair class
  • Was not well-liked by the other faculty
  • Known to have abused a girl at the school for three years
  • Presented as straight, male, in a common-law marriage, and very strange
  • Poor bathing habits
  • Alive
  • Still has access to college-age students via the university where his common-law wife teachers. May have access to underage students via the school his daughter attends
    • 324032-k — Common-law wife
    • 266117-k — Mother of girl he abused
    • 143853-k — Father of girl he abused
    • 4512 — Partied with him
    • JB — Lived near him and had him in an automotive repair class 6336 taught
  • Also associated with these schools/institutions,:
    • 3-sch-N — taught there before he came to the school.
    • 3-sch-MW — est. 15 yrs association via his common-law wife, 324032-k, who teaches there and has tenure
    • 4-sch-MW — School his daughter attends--she's probably in middle-school now.
    • 5-sch-MW — School 6336 attended and where he hung out for a time after he was fired from 1-sch-L for the second time
    • 7-sch-N — University 6336 where 6336 attended graduate school

6336 came in the early mid-1980s and left in the late 1980s. He was then brought back to teach in 1990 as a replacement for a teacher who had something of a delusional breakdown on the job; the school almost rehired 6336 permanently at this time. He left, hung out at 5-sch-MW for a few years, then ended up living near 7-sch-MW, where his common-law wife teaches. This person, 324032-k, is the same common-law wife he had when he taught at the school.

For part of the time he taught at the school, he lived at 10-oth-L, a set of apartments nearby, but not within walking distance, then moved to Tacoma Park. He had a live-in girlfriend who was working on a Ph.D. at the University of Maryland. They may have co-abused. While he lived at 10-oth-L, he partied with students on the weekend, meaning he had them over, played obscure music. Rumor is he also gave them cocaine. It is likely that he also gave them alcohol, though that is not as directly attested. There is a chance he may have given students marijuana, but he publically mocked 'wastoids,' meaning students who smoked pot, so marijuana may not have been at his weekend gatherings. At one point, he showed an interest in the daughters of two board members, inviting them to his weekend gatherings--they would have nothing to do with him.

6336 was heavily rumored to have started sleeping with a fourteen-year-old student in 1985. She later left school in 1988 or 1989 without graduating. A witness saw 6336 abuse this student during a theater rehearsal in the gym, the abused student would have been about fifteen. 6336 also chaparoned at least one party in Bay Ridge where a great deal of alcohol was served. Sometime after 1985, he held a school-sanctioned sleepover in the gym. Students, over 20, brought their sleeping bags, and he showed movies--one of which had many naked people and may be considered soft porn.

In 1984, 6336 pretended to perform an experiment on a much younger student--she may have been as young as 13. He persuaded many members of the 11th grade class to pretend to perform an operation on the girl. Without ever touching the girl, he had them lay her out on a table and pretend to operate on her brain to insert a portion of a worm--he told the girl that she would then know what the worm had learned. The idea was that, at some point, the girl would freak out and run out of the room, but she didn't. She believed they were operating on her brain, and the 11th graders, under his direction, continued in this farce until they were 'finshed.'

6336 presented as straight, but intimated to students that he might have dabbled in homosexuality. 4512 was known to have partied 6336 when 4512 was a student. It's possible that 6336 abused 4512 during this time. Students from that time do believe that 6336 gave 4512 cocaine, though there was a student on campus who was reputed to also be dealing in coke. 324032-k was present at these parties (she lived with him) and is believed to have been aware that 6336 used drugs with students. An alleged male victim of 6303 also lived in the same apartment complex, and was in an after-school automotive club with 6336; there is a chance that 6336 also abused this boy. Unfortunately, both this boy and 4512 are deceased, so we can't ask them.

6336 gathered a group of students around him for special tutoring. He continued to maintain contact with members of this group after he left the school in the late 1980s. He convinced one of them, a college student at the time, to sleep with the same live-in girlfriend he had while at the school. It is believed that 6336 held a strong hold over students who were part of his 'group' long after they graduated, for decades in one case. The young girl he slept with seems to have cut her ties with 6336 by the early or mid-1990s. In the mid-1990s, she told a few people that she had slept with 6336 while she was a student. She has nothing to do with the town and may be in contact with one or two alumni--it's possible she's cut ties with all alumni entirely.

6336 approached a student when she was a junior or senior and laid out a plan whereby she would sleep with him, and he would give her an A in Physics, which she was close to failing. She declined, but another student witnessed this proposition.

6336 began calling a student at the school late at night, wanting her to talk with him about her personal issues. He was also interested in her sexlife and her views on sex. She was lonely and welcomed the calls. They had a system where he would call and hang up if her parents answered. (this was before cell phones). 6336 cut ties with her in the summer after she graduated.

6336 wasn't well-liked by administrators and staff, who found him weird. (He didn't bathe, stank, and wore strang outfits--silk kimonos with brightly-colored sweatpants, or large, brightly colored sweaters with the same sweatpants.) But he had a way of getting children to like him, and parents liked his track record with getting students into top universities.

6336 let slip to a student that he had been asked to leave his previous school in New England,3-sch-N--it's precise name is not known. because his ideas on education differed from that of the school; he may have abused there, too. He also let slip that he was asked to leave 7-sch-N, where he was in graduate school, due to philosophical differences. 7-sch-N is where he met his live-in girlfriend, who may have been an undergraduate when he was a graduate student.

6336 put on Three Penny Opera with the students. He put himself forward as an alternative drama teacher to the one the school hired. (He made fun of her, saying a woman couldn't really understand drama and theater. He worshipped Kurt Weil.) He had seniors dress up as prostitutes and cast the younger student he was abusing as one of the leads. His goal, in the name of art, was to make the girls dressed as prostitutes look as slutty as possible.

Note: the girl he abused was cast as a lead in two plays. This is a warning sign at 1-sch-L; any girl who is cast (or was cast) as a lead in more than one high school play should be questioned by an independent psychologist to see if she's been sexually abused.

The school knew 6336 was abusing. Several students complained (the school kicked out one, forced another out, and left a third one alone. They also kicked out a fourth student, JB, who may have complained, but JB is deceased. Students complained to 345644-k, who was the head of the Upper School. 333147-k says the board discussed the matter, but felt their hands were tied because the girl's mother, 266117-k, and her father, 143853-k said they didn't mind the 'relationship.' According to a student who later dated the girl's younger sibling, there was abuse in their household. What isn't clear is why the school simply didn't go to the authorities about both the teacher and the family.

The year he was thrown out, 6336 took the girl he was abusing on a 'college' trip with another girl from the school who was her friend. 6336 allegedly shared a hotel room with the girl he was abusing. If true, this makes the 'college trip' an instance of child trafficking across state lines. The trip was supposedly why he was kicked out.

When the school hired him back in 1990, the new headmaster almost rehired him. Administrators and teachers claimed that they had no idea why 6336 had been let go (this was less that three years after he'd been let go). A former alumni who had come to the school as a student teacher told the administration about the abuse, which was still inside the Maryland statute of limitations at the time. The school did not rehire 6336, but there is also no evidence that the school went to the police.

6336 probably continued to write letters of recommendation for students into the very early 1990s. He probably helped a student get into 5-sch-MW in the very early 90s.

6336 now lives in a university town in the Mid West with the same live-in girlfriend. They have an adopted daughter approaching her teen years, who presumeably is in school. The live-in girlfriend is now a tenured professor at th3-sch-MW, and 6336 appears to have had ongoing access to college students there since the beginning of the 2000s. In the very early 2010s, he put on a play at 3-sch-MW with college students--the performance was very much like the performance of Three Penny Opera that he staged.

  1. Is 6336's adopted daughter in danger?
  2. Did 6336 and 324032-k co-abuse?
  3. Was 6336 324032-k's teacher at 7-sch-N?
  4. Why did 6336 leave 7-sch-N?
  5. Why did 6336 leave 3-sch-N?
  6. 6336 brought at least one strange man to the school who dressed like him and acted like him--can this person be found?
  7. Was 6336 full-time for all his years at the school? He doesn't seem to have had enough classes to be full-time for all the years he was there.
  8. Has 6336 slept with students at 3-sch-MW?
  9. Did 6336 engage in any behavior where he 'shared' 324032-k with any underaged students (co-abuse), and college students, or any other alumni of the school other than the one who has come forward.
  1. Find a way to get word to his adopted daughter's school to warn them she may be in danger
  2. Find a way to get word to the school where 324032-k teaches to warn them about 6336 and suggest they examine 324032-k's behavior toward students, too.
  3. Contact the student who supposedly dealt cocaine while he was a student at the school. See if he has any data on 6336, who may have been his competition.✯


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  • Female est. years at school: Unknown, but at least one summer
  • Unknown when she started or left--was there in the mid-1990s
  • Camp counsellor.
  • Abused elementary school-age students, boys and girls, at the school's summer camp
  • Presented as a straight female.
  • Alive
  • May still have access to children in an instututional setting
  • Also associated with these people:
    • 4838 — Allegedly co-abused with them at the summer camp.
    • 1863 — Allegedly co-abused with them at the summer camp
    • 1508 — Friend from their time together at 18-sch-L
  • Also associated with these schools/institutions,:
    • 22-sch-L — Healthcare worker with an experimental governmental home patient care system
    • 18-sch-L — Graduated from there in 1960s

1215 is an alleged abuser at the school's summer camp. She is female and has strong and deep ties to the local community through real estate and blood. She was a long-time healthcare worker and may have had access to children and vulnerable adults through her work.

1215 allegedly was part of a group of three people, two males and her, who abused children as young as 9 in the local park in the mid-1990s. Students were carried to the part in the school's distinctive buses, were abused at the park, and then taken home in the same buses. Sometimes, the campers travelled in private cars. Sometimes the park would be closed to the public, but someone in the park would allow the campers in as special circumstances, which implies that the people doing the abuse had a special relationship with someone who worked at the park. Mostly boys were abused. The source describes BDSM child abuse at an abandoned building, now gone, that was in the park. The building's ruins may still be found. After the story of abuse at the school broke, 1215 closed down her Friends list on FB, but looking at people posting on her wall, it is possible to reconstruct a connection between her and people who worked at the school who attended the local public high school in the 1960s.

The sexual abuse of elementary school children also occured at the neighborhood pool in the neighborhood where the school sits. A source remembers a pool staff member walking in on them playing a kind of game of naked horsey with children, and the pool staff kicking them out and banning the school from using the pool. After that, the abusers began taking the children to a ruined building in a local park.

There's a nurse who worked for the school in the mid-1990s who may be in a position to help sources put together what occurred with this abuse. She's not suspected of the abuse, but she may remember the campers and may help survivors put together the pieces of what occured.

1215 was an older woman who allegedly abused children with a man in his 40s and a younger man who may have been either an older teen or a man in his early 20s. (Children are not necessarily good at judgin the ages of people older than they are.)

  1. CAMP QUESTION: Can other campers be found who are willing to come forward
  2. CAMP QUESTION: Can people who worked at the neighborhood pool be found who remember the pool staff banning the school from using the pool for the summer?
  3. CAMP QUESTION: Do these camp counsellors have a connection with 118-sch-L?
  4. CAMP QUESTION:Do these camp counsellors have a connection with 540756-k
  5. CAMP QUESTION: Was the younger abusing counseller actually a Key student whom the older counsellors co-opted into participating in the abuse, and if so, were there other students co-opted in the same manner?
  6. CAMP QUESTION: How did these counsellors arrange for the school's buses to take these children to the park?
  7. CAMP QUESTION: How did these counsellors gain permission to take this group of children off campus?
  8. CAMP QUESTION:Who was on staff at the park at the time?
  9. CAMP QUESTION: Were the school's rules about the whereabouts of children at the summer camp and who was in charge of them so lax that it was easy for counsellor to take campers off to abuse?
  10. CAMP QUESTION: Who was responsible for giving counsellor's permission to take campers off campus
  11. What was the name of the young man with whom she co-abused--and was he himself underaged at the time?
  12. What is the full extent of 1215's family's land dealings with the school, including what was behind the court case between them and sthe school
  13. What lands did 1215's family own?
  1. Find out who staffed the local pool in the mid-1990s.
  2. Get a list of staff at the local park from the same time.
  3. Find old maps of the park to learn more about the ruins.✯
  4. Find out where else 1215 may have had access to childre — she doesn't sound as if she's new to abuse.
  5. Find out if her family had any connections to the family that used to own the land that became the park and to the park's caretakers in the and local land records, particularly the plat records from the archives and local club records may show connections.


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  • Male, est. years at school: estimated 2
  • Left in mid-1990s
  • Camp counsellor, may also have been a student.
  • Allegedly co-abused with 1215 and 1863 at the summer camp. May have been underaged at the time, which means he was also being abused.
  • Presented as unknown
  • Probably alived
  • Not known if he has access to children in an institutional setting
  • Also associated with these people:
    • 1215 — Allegedly co-abused with her
    • 1863 — Allegedly co-abused with him
  • Not known what other schools and institutions he is associated with.

4828 was a younger summer camp counsellor, possibly still a teen, no older than 25, who allegedly participated in the abuse at the local large park. If he was a teen, there is a chance he may have been a student at the school at the time, which would make him a survivor more than an abuser. (He would be a survivor because it appears he was acting under the direct influence of adult abusers.) He is described as being blond and handsome, and allegedly participated in the abuse of boys of elementary school age, and one girl.

His name may be known, but hasn't been confirmed. He's usually just called the "Abercrombie counsellor" because he looked like an Abercrombie model.

  1. Was 4828 underage at the time of the abuse?
  2. If so, is 4828 ok?--Boys who were abused at 1-sch-L are at a high risk of death.
  1. Figure out an appropriate way to contact the person most likely to be Abercrombie and ask about the abuse?
  2. If it's the right person, make sure 1215 and 1863 no longer have influence over him--and go directly to the police if they do.✯


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  • Male est. years at school: Unknown, but at least one summer
  • Unknown when he started or left--was there in the mid-1990s
  • Camp counsellor.
  • Abused elementary school-age students, boys and girls, at the school's summer camp
  • Not known how he presented. He was probably in his late 30s or early 40s at the time of the abuse
  • Alive
  • Rumored to have sought out children for individual lessons--called out on a community bulletin board for possible inappropriate behavior around boys.
  • Also associated with these people:
    • 4838 — Allegedly co-abused with them at the summer camp.
    • 1215 — Allegedly co-abused with them at the summer camp
    • 540756-k — Friend from their time together at 18-sch-L
  • Also associated with these schools/institutions,:
    • Rumored to tutor and give lessons out of local small businesses.
  1. See camp questions under 1215.
  2. What local businesses has 1863 tutored out of?
  3. What lands did 1863's family own, and what land dealing did they have with the school?
  1. Canvas local small businesses where he may have tutored to see if his name comes up.
  2. See if it's possible to find out who posted about him on the community bulletin board.
  3. Perform land record searches on him and his mother.✯


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  • Male, est. years at school: 8
  • Left in mid-2000s
  • Teacher, went on at least one school camping trip
  • Watching, jumping out at naked girls
  • Presented as straight, male. Married, possibly a father.
  • Alive
  • Still has access to children through his work with 1-sch-Ot, to which he provides educational services via his own company, 2-sch-Ot.
  • Also associated with these people:
    • 145235-k — Married to her.
  • Also associated with these schools/institutions,:
    • 1-sch-Ot — Does educational outreach for them
    • 2-sch-Ot — 3920's own company for performing the educational outreach, possibly as a contractor

3920 deliberately jumped out at two naked girls (students) who were taking a shower on a school camping trip. There are rumors of other inappropriate behaviors, including telling inappropriate sexual jokes to students, and possibly inappropriate touching.

The alumni whom he jumped out at and their friends may be unwilling to speak for fear that they'll get 3920 'in trouble,' or because they don't wish to harm the school's reputation.

3920 was married to 145235-k, who also taught at the school at the same as he did. She stayed at the school after he left, changing her name twice, possibly to reflect that they were no longer married, and then to reflect that she had remarried.

  1. What does 145235-k know about the abuse?
  2. What other things did 3920 do to students?
  3. Did 3920 engage in any other 'prank-like' behavior on camping trips?
  1. See if 145235-k or their child/children are willing to talk.
  2. Talk to people who graduated in the mid-2000s to learn what happened on this camping trip.
  3. Contact 1-sch-Ot and see how much contact 3920 still has with children--warn them if he still has contact with them.✯


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  • 5 est. years at school: 3-5
  • Left in 1998
  • Drama teacher, not known what else he taught.
  • 'Dated' a girl who was a student at the school
  • Presented as unknown.
  • Alive
  • Unknown if he still has access to children in an institutional setting
  • Not known who his associates were.
  • Not known what other institutions he's been associated with.

105 was a drama teacher in the mid-1990s through to the late 1990s. He is known to have 'dated' one of his students, whom he also liked to cast as one of his leads in school plays. It's not known whether this dating involved sexual touching or sexual intercourse. It seemed to have involved some emotional attachment, especially on the part of 105.

105 is described as having a been a young man at the time of the abuse, possibly in his early 20s. At least one alumni who related the story believe that maybe 105 should be given a pass because of his age.

The school had a custom in the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and perhaps beyond. Teachers, and sometimes sibling or friends, will stand up to speak about a student at their graduate. One speaker for each student. 105 stood up to speak for a student at her graduation--probably the student he was known to be 'dating,' and spoke of her in a manner that made it evident for most who were present that he was sleeping with her and infatuated with her.

105 was known to hold dram practices late into the night--into the small hours of the morning, sometimes.

The teacher was let go. The survivor is not known to have spoken with anyone about her experience aside from her friends.

Note: the graduation was widely attended. Probably over 300 people were there. Many probably came to the conclusion that there was something wrong with this teacher's relationship with this student; there is nothing to suggest that anyone went to the police or contacted the authorities in any way. This includes the girl's friends.

Efforts to find his whereabouts have not been successful.

  1. Did 105 only sexually abuse the one student, or were there others?
  2. What has 105 done since--has he had access to children?
  1. Contact a friend of the girl whom he abused and make sure that she's ok.
  2. The school let the teacher go after this--see if anyone can be found who worked for the school at the time who knew or was in on this decision✯


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  • Male, est. years at school: 1
  • Left in mid-1990s
  • Teacher.
  • 3826
  • Presented as unknown
  • Alive
  • Still has access to children in an institutional setting
  • Not known who he was associated witt
  • Also associated with these schools/institutions,:
    • 1-sch-S — Teacher, possibly for 20+ years

3826 was a young man when he first came to the school. Many alleged abusers appear to have spent time elsewhere between leaving college and starting at the school, but 3826 appears to have come fresh out of college. Also unusual among alleged abusers, he was a local boy; he has family and connections locally. Allegedly, he came for one year, began dating a student, and was quietly asked to leave. He is remembered as a 'good guy' and somewhat sympathetically because he was not much older than the student he was dating. People who remember him, and there don't appear to be many, wonder if he really was a predator because he was so close in age to the student he was dating.

3826 continues to teach. He is at a private school in the deep South. The area is not unlike the town that contains the school--it is quaint with old houses and a fair amount of history. The school where he currently teachers, like the school where he allegedly abused, is a kind of progressive school, one offering a form of alternative education.

  1. Can more details about his family and local connections be found?
  2. Has he abused at his current school?
  3. How was he found/hired?
  1. Do a housing search on him and his familiy for local properties
  2. Check to see if his family has any connections to graduates from 18-sch-L
  3. Contact his current school to let them know of his history at 1-sch-L.✯


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  • Male est. years at school: 9
  • Left in mid-2000s
  • Teacher
  • Asked students out while they were students and shortly after they graduated. Told sexually inappropriate jokes.
  • Unknown how he presented
  • Alive
  • Probably doesn't still have access to children in an instiutional setting, but it's not known for certain.
  • Not known who his associates were.
  • Not known what other schools/institutions he was associated with.

Not a great deal is known about 4632. He appears to have been part of a group of teachers in the late 1990s and early 2000s who flirted heavily with students, told sexually inappropriate jokes, and asked students out while they were students and shortly after they graduated. They may have had some success with asking students out while the girls were students, but no reports so far have come forward stating that he touched a student sexually. 4632 appears no longer to be working with children, but he does have a job that may put him in contact with sensitive government information.

  1. What caused 4632 to leave the school?
  2. What letters of recommendation did he receive from the school that would allow him to end up working for a prestigious government agency?
  1. Ask student from that time why he was let go.
  2. See if he was connected with 2524 and the group of students that 2524 took to the mall.✯


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  • Male, est. years at school: 1
  • Left in late 1990s.
  • Role at school.
  • Role in abuse
  • Presented as...
  • Alive/Deceased
  • Still has access to children in an instututional setting?
  • It is not known who he was associated with.
  • Also associated with these schools/institutions,:
    • 2-sch-S — Possibly has been there 20 yrs

3943 was at the school only briefly in the 1990s. He is known to have sent inappropriate letters to a student, after which he was dismissed. These letters are suspected to be sexually inappropriate, and his actions toward her have been described as stalking. The administration quickly let him go--what he did appears to have been widely known among administrators. He now teaches at 2-sch-S, a private school in the deep South, where he's listed as a Latin teacher. It's not known if they know why he left the school.

When he lived locally, he had an appartment at 10-oth-L, where he appears to have lived until 2003.

He taught at a school in the deep South for 20 years after leaving 1-sch-L. He appears to have left his subsequent school fairly recently.

  1. Does the 2-sch-S know why he left the 1-sch-L?
  2. What administrators were involved in the paperwork 1-sch-L did to let 3943 go?
  1. Contact people who graduated from the school where 3943 ended up and ask them what they know about sexual abuse of students at their school. See if his name pops up.✯


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  • Male, est. years at school: 9
  • Left in mid-2000
  • Drama teacher.
  • Rumor that he abused in the early 2000s
  • Unknown how he presented, though one source described him as a "family man"
  • Alive
  • Still has access to children at 4-sch-N
  • Not known who he associated with
  • Also associated with these schools/institutions,:
    • 4-sch-N — 10+ years
    • 5-sch-Ot — length of association not known.
    • Various arts groups — length of association not known

3819 pops up as a rumored abuser from the 2000s. There is one rumor about him from one source who also reported 2524. She was afraid to speak further and is not known to have been in contact with the survivors groups.

3819 seems to have kept students after school for long hours into the evening. Many students remember him fondly, but not a great deal of information is known fro this time.

He appears to have gone directly to another school in the North, 4-sch-N, after leaving 1-sch-L. He is also associated with a performance union, through which he may have access to child performers. His cv also lists various arts/performance groups that he has studied with. It is not known if he has had access to children through these.

  1. What are the circumstances of his departure in the mid-2000s?
  2. How long as he been associated with 5-sch-Ot, how often does he work through them, and how much of this work has involved access to children?
  3. Can a complete list of students from 1-sch-L who had leading roles in performances he directed be found?
  1. Contact people who were at 4-sch-N in the late 2000s but who are no longer there. See if any remember the circumstances under which 3819 was hired.
  2. Contact alumni from 4-sch-N, see if they're aware of him having any inappropriate behavior toward children.✯


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  • Male, est. years at school: 20+
  • Still teaches at the school
  • Science teacher, athletic coach in lacrosse.
  • Allegedly abused one or more students, may have been part of a group of teachers who asked students out
  • Presented as straight, later married and a father.
  • Alive
  • Still teaches at the school and may have access to children at other schools through extra-curricular activities.
  • Also associated with these people:
    • 541448-k — ex-wife, teaches at the school
    • 6207 — Friend/colleague
    • 314050-k — May have mentored her troubled son when he was a student
  • Not known to be associated with other schools or institutions.

2524 allegedly began a sexual 'relationship' with 541448-k, who was a student in the early 2000s. He may have had sexual contact with at least one other student, too but she has decided not to speak. 2524 was part of a group of teachers who flirted with students and asked them out before and shortly after they graduated. He is known for hanging out at off-campus at 12-oth-L with girls who were students at the school. After 541448-k graduated, he began dating her, and then married her. (One of 541448-k's brothers, also an alum, is known to have complained that 2524 was abusing 541448-k when she was a teen.) They are now divorced, and 541448-k teaches in the Lower School. She has a son--possibly by this teacher.

2524 still teaches at the school and is a well-respected member of the school and of the greater town community. He is known for his work teaching children coding and robotics, and as an athletic coach. He may have had known or had contact with a local reporter who was involved with profiling high-achieving teenagers--the reporter is now deceased.

When the story of sexual abuse at the school came out, 2524's name disappeared from local address listings. He is suspected to live near the school, perhaps within walking distance. If this is true, he is also within walking distance of a neiborhood pool, a local public school, a town library, and a park where children hang out. He also may have access to children outside the school via extra-curricular activities.

  1. Is 541448-k ok?
  2. Did 2524 abuse other students?
  3. Can any alumni from the group he hung out with be found who will speak?
  4. Can the brother who complained that 2524 was abusing be found, and if so, is he willing to speak?
  5. 541448-k's parents taught at the school--were they aware of the abuse?
  6. Is 2524 paying child support?
  1. Find records of 2524's marriage and divorce. This may involve going through records from other counties, possibly other states. Try Illinois.
  2. Put together a list of extra-curricular activities in which 2524 has been involved.
  3. Ask the local reporter who has shown interest in this to see if they know of 2524 as a source for the stories profiling teens.✯


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  • Male, est. years at school: 8
  • Left in mid-2000
  • Possibly a Middle-School teacher.
  • Allegedly asked students out on dates while they were students. May have 'dated' students.
  • Unknown how he presented
  • Alive
  • Not known if he still has access to children in an institutional setting
  • Not known who his associates were.
  • Not known if he is associated with any other schools or institutions.

1155 allegedly asked students on dates while they were still students. He's part of the group of faculty who allegedly did this in the mid-2000s. He also began dating a student right after she graduated--she graduated either in the late 1990s or early 2000s. In all other cases at 1-sch-Lwhere a teacher is known to have dated a student right after she graduated, that teacher began both grooming and sexual contact before she graduated.

He may have divorced locally in the late 1990s. One source believes he still lives locally. Not much is known about him.

  1. Can his ex-wife be found?
  2. Can his divorce papers be found?--he appears to have divorced in the town.
  3. Where is he now?
  1. Ask the source where he is and what he's up to.
  2. Find and speak with his ex-wife, if possible
  3. See if the student whom he dated after she graduated is willing to talk.✯


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  • Male, est. years at school: 20
  • Still teaches at the school
  • Athletics, may teach history and ancient civilizations
  • Was seen making out with a student at a local cafe
  • Presents as straight, married, male. Father. His children may attend the school
  • Alive
  • May have access to children at other schools via sports games.
  • Also associated with these people:
    • 2524 —: Friend/colleague
    • 191129-k — May have mentored her son
    • 255536-k — May have sexually abused 255536-k's daughter. See below for more info
  • Not known to be associated with other institutions where he may have access to children, except through his work in sports at the school.

6207 allegedly abused a student in the early 2000s. They were seen making out at 5-oth-L during lunchtime. It's not known if he took her off campus to meet her at the cafe, or if she drove there herself. He is also allegedly part of a group of teachers who flirted heavily with students in the mid-2000s and asked students out while they were still students.

The person who says she saw them was 5320. She was teaching at the school at the time, having been hired back. She says she spoke with 191129-k, and 191129-k rebuffed her, saying that 6207 was too popular. 5320 then notified another survivor, a woman who had told the school about its child sex abuse problem in the 1990s. That woman spoke with 314050-k. 314050-k rebuffed the second survivor with the same response, that 6207 was too popular. At the time, 314050-k's son was attending the school and was, by report, a troubled boy involved in severe bullying, to include cyber-bullying. 6207 may have been mentoring her son, trying to help him.

When 5320 spoke about 6207, she was unsure of the name of the student. She gave two names, which are the names of 255536-k's two children. The problem is that one of them is male. Speculation is that 5320 almost certainly did see 6207 make out with a student, but it's not necessarily clear who that student was. There is the possibility that 5320 may have given the names of the children of a powerful board member in order to confuse the situation. The names of 255536-k's children are known because something at the school is named after them. Another problem with 5320's story is that 5-oth-L wasn't there in the timeframe she gave--it was founded a year or two later. That's less of a problem because there seems to have been a similar establishment there right before 5-oth-L opened.

6207 still teaches at the school. He is a well-regarded member of the school community and of the greater community and appears often in the local paper, where he was recently profiled. 6207 has a wife and children--his children probably attend the school. Until recently, he lived right behind a local public school

Because of his popularity and the trust the school has in him, it's possible that the the school may be confiding in 6207 about their own investigation into child sex abuse. This is speculation based on his position at the school and the trust the community has in him.

  1. Who did 6207 make out with in 5-oth-L?
  2. Was 6207 part of the group of teachers asking students out in the early and mid-2000s?
  3. Does 6207's wife know about the alleged abuse?
  4. Has 314050-k told the school or its investigators what she knows?
  5. Where there other students 6207 sexually abused?
  6. Does 6207 write many college recommendation letters? Successful ones?
  1. Contact the owners of 5-oth-L. See if they remember anything.
  2. Contact the owners of the establishment there before 5-oth-L. See if they remember anything.
  3. Ask the friends of the brother of the girl he allegedly abused. See if they remember anything.
  4. Contact 5320 to try to convince her to at least speak with the police about 6207.✯


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  • Male, est. years at school: 15
  • Left in very early 2010s
  • May have worked with summer camp early on. Administrator and possibly teacher in the Upper School in the 2000s.
  • Physical abuse and possibly sexual abuse.
  • Unknown how he presented.
  • Alive
  • May occasionally have access to children through
  • Also associated with these people:
  • Also associated with these schools/institutions,:
    • 10-sch-L — Worked in fund-raising, probably not more than 3 years, perhaps less
    • 2-sch-MA — Appears to have worked in administration, perhaps development, probably not more than 2 years
    • 8-sch-L — Ran the center, not more than 2 years.
    • 4-oth-L — Involved with writing workshops there.

5002 arrived in the mid-1990s and a survivor remembers him physically abusing her--beating her up with another person is how she described it. At the time, he and another person in charge were discussing the sexual abuse of other children. This occurred at the summer camp.

Thought to be separate from the summer camp, parents of a child at the school filed suit against the school because 5002 mistreated their child. Their suit may have involved their child being held against the child's will in a room (assumed without the parent's knowledge or consent). A survivor remembers that the sexual abuse at the summer camp involved campers being held against their will in locations. It's not known if there's a connection. 5002 rose to prominence as a teacher and administrator in the 2000s, then disappeared completely in the early 2010s. Before he left he appears to have been influential in the school.

5002 went on to work at at least two other private schools and was the head of a center in a nearby city where adults and sometimes teenagers take arts classes. None of these jobs appear to have been long-term. He has a prestigious graduate degree from 7-sch-N. He still appears to live in the area and has been associated with writing workshops taught at 4-oth-L.

  1. What were the circumstances of 5002's departure?
  2. Why has 5002 bounced through 3 institutions in fairly quick succession after leaving 1-sch-L?
  3. In particular, why was he let go from 8-sch-L
  4. What was his association with the summer camp>
  1. Ask around to see if anyone is willing to speak about him.
  2. Try connections with 8-sch-L to see why he left.✯