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540756-k was a sports coach from the early-mid 1980s through the 2010s. She also taught PE. In the 1980s, she is believed to have identified a potential victim, a girl she had thrown off the lacrosse team, as being available to enter an abuser's sphere. The abuser in question is 6336. It's not known whether she intended for the girl to be abused, but it was widely known among the faculty at the time that 6336 was sexually abusing another student--he was thrown out at the end of that spring semester for this abuse. 6336 is known to have groomed the girl 540756-k threw off the lacrosse team heavily and exerted deliberate emotional damage on her.

540756-k is FaceBook friends with 1215 and likely was at 18-sch-L at the same time she was. It would be nice to know if 18-sch-L got her the job at the summer camp.


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22026-k was the wife of 6303 and is now married to 4054, whom she married a few years ago after 6303's death. She worked for decades with 1043--co-teaching with him in the Lower School. Two of her children are known to have been abused by faculty at the school. She was close to JB, the boy her husband abused in the 1980s. Two of her children believe she abused JB.

It is not categorically known if she was aware of the abuse, but she's married two abusers, worked with another for decades, and knew 3149 socially when he was married to one of his students. She did sewing for people in the community for extra pay and is known to have sewn the bags that held JB's ashes at his memorial.

She is on this list because she was in close proximity to a great deal of sexual abuse of children.

She still teaches in the Lower School, as she has since the mid-1970s.


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122338-k was a Lower School teacher who taught at the school from sometime in the 1970s until the 2000s, possibly the 2010s. In the 1970s, he was roommates with 4357, when 4357 lived in an apartment in down. 4357 tutored children from the school there and allegedly abused children there as well.

For decades, 122338-k co-taught in the Lower School with 22026-k. They were known as a co-teaching team. 122338-k also supervised the bullying of a black child in the 1970s, inviting other students in the class to touch her hair as an educational exercise.


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185344-k was a foreign-born music teacher specializing in an German method of teaching music to children. The school is now famous for using this method of instruction--it's not clear if she introduced it to the school, but it took off under her supervision and with her work. She also played a number of musical instruments. She was brought to the school by 114133-k and taught Lower and Middle School music for about 20 years. It is believed that her children attended the school in the 1970s.

185344-k almost certainly knew about the abuse because she was a music teacher, and so was 5744. They both taught renaissance music to children, and 5744 was very out about his sexual abuse of children.

185344-k was hugely respeced among the faculty and a little feared. When 802 came to the school interested in the same teaching method, she took him under her wing and helped him write his thesis. He then took over her job, essentially forcing her out of the school.


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295861-k is the mother of 5320. At least one other of her children may have been sexually abused at the school, possibly more. The other daughter who was known to be abused was abused by 3807. 295861-k taught at the school from the late 1970s until the very early 2010s and appears to have reitired simply beause she was old and it was time. A number of survivors belive she allowed, even encouraged, 5320 to take up with 311 when 5320 was underage. 295861-k denies knowing about the abuse. Survivors believe she isn't telling the truth.

She was a divorcee with many children. Her husband was known to be at least psychologically abusive toward her when they were married, possibly an alcoholic. If asked, she will tell a story of helping a child from a bad family situatio by giving them a place to stay over the summer. After she divorced, she and her children seem to have lived in near-poverty.

295861-k was a much-loved art teacher at the school. In the 1980s, she essentially had control over the building where 311 reigned as Upper School art teacher in the 1970s--it became her domain, and she was known to be gentle and kind to students. Even though she taught Lower and Middle School art, her building was a place where older students could come and sit among the art things and aging art objects--soaking in the nostalgia of their own childhoods. Although poor, was known to share her lunch with students simply because they were there. This invitation was open to any student who had been her student, and remained open until they graduated. It felt like a safe place when she was there. Close to 60 people are believed to have attended her retirement party, many were alumni.


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106020-k was head of maintenance in the 1980s and 1990s. He may have come as early as the late 1970s. He left in the mid-1990s, possibly the late 1990s. He came down with a bad back; the school promised to hold his job for him while he recovered, and when he came back, they reneged on their promise and only offered him extremely restricted part-time work where before he had been full-time. 106020-k is married to 411961-k, and was married to her in the 1990s as well. He was also friends with 2442. He moved to a different state and is rumored to currently have addiction issues.

As head of maintenance, he would have had keys to the closet on the upper floor of the Science Building, the closet with 5831, the peephole, in it.

It's possible that he directly succeeded 382422-k and 464 as a maintenance person. This is speculation, but a fairly logical assumption.

One could argue that using the peephole itselt constitutes abuse. Probably it does; however, no one has come foreward with accusations of this person actually touching a student, and it's probably more important to go after people who molested children than those who spied on them in bathrooms.


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36014-k was a maintenance man whom a source remembers spending time in the maintence closet where 5831, the peephole, was located. As a maintenance person, he and 106020-k would have had access to the closet where 5831 was drilled into the floor.

One could argue that using the peephole itselt constitutes abuse. Probably it does; however, no one has come foreward with accusations of this person actually touching a student, and it's probably more important to go after people who molested children than those who spied on them in bathrooms.


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411961-k is the wife of 106020-k and secretary to 26141-k. A source from the 1990s says that she was having an affair with 26141-k, too. She was 26141-k's secretary when a survivor spoke up at 311's funeral, when survivors began complaining to 26141-k about abuse in the 1970s, and she may have been his secretary in the very early 1990s when a former student complained to 26141-k about 6336 sleeping with a student in the late 1980s.

She was also 26141-k's secretary in the mid-1990s when 26141-k let 5850 go--probably for grooming a student and possiby for sexually abusing another. She was his secretary when he hired and let go: 3826, 3942, and 105. Two were almost certainly let go for alleged sexual abuse of as tudent. A third was let go for stalking a student and sending her inappropriate letters.


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563953-k was the Upper School art teacher the school hired after 311 left. She was hired in the very early 1980s and left in the very early 2010s. In the very early 1970s, she was in a group show with 311. She would have been in her mid-20s at the time. Like 5320, she was very beautiful when young.

When asked, 563953-k claimed not to know anything about sexual abuse at 1-sch-l; however, someone who knows her said she talked about 311 and knew about the photographs he took of underaged children.

It is not known if 311, or friends of 311 helped 563953-k get her her employment at 1-sch-L. However, it is likely that 563953-k got her start in the local art world through her group show with 311.

563953-k shows her work locally. Most recently, she's been involved in digitally manipulated photographs, some of which she's shown at 14-oth-L. She also has connections to 4-oth-L.

Someone in her family, when he was underage and a student at 1-sch-L, had a connection to someone in the family of a girl that 6336 sexually abused when she was an underaged student at 1-sch-L.


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366355-k was impregnated by 3807 and appeared at 1-sch-L at the same time as 3807. It's not known if she was enrolled in the school, people who remember that time seem to believe she wasn't. But she was around, visibly pregnant, and often waiting for 3807 outside his classroom. (It appears 3807 began abusing her at 2-sch-L.) Their child appears to have been a fixture around campus; and image of 3807 holding a toddler, probably his, appears in 311's Picture Book. 366355-k and 3807 married in the mid--1970s and had further children, all of whom attended the school. Rumor is that one of these children may have been abused. She and 3807 are now divorced.

366355-k is mentioned here because she went on to teach at the school in the 1970s and 1980s. She then appears to have left and come back sometime in the 1990s. She still teaches at the school. She is listed because she is a teacher at the school who knows about abuse at the school. Her family's story shows how abuse can continue over decades, and survivors believe her presence at the school provides a kind of cover for abuse--because if a survivor teaches there, how bad could it have been.

Her story is also one of the easiest to hear. Most people who know about abuse at the school in the 1970s and 1980s know this story.

Note: 366355-k may be in the habit of adding a year to her age and subtracting a year from her daughter's age, and her first daughter may have begun first when she was seven. 3807 and 366355-k's wedding certificate isn't easy to find--the archive indices are a bit corrupted--but it is findable.

She has connections to 4-sch-L through her family.

366355-k is close to 92902-k and 366355-k. She appears popular with the school's administration and with many members of the faculty.


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92902-k has been a language teacher at the school since the late 1970s. In the last few years, she admitted that she knew about 6336 sexually abusing a student in the 1980s while it was going on when an alum whom 6336 had pursued when they were a student confronted her. 92902-k also gave a survivor rides to the house of 311 and 5320, where that survior was being sexually abused. It is not known if 92902-k knew at the time that 311 and 5320 were abusing that student, or if she knew, in general, that 311 and 5320 were sexually abusing students. She is from another country and may not have realized, in the late 1970s, that teachers sleeping with students was wrong.

After a survivor stood up at 311's funeral, 92902-k discussed the matter with her students in class. It is not known what she said.

She is known to be close to 366355-k and 366355-k.


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362537-k was a mathematics teacher in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. She is the common-law wife of 5805. They got together in the 1970s and may have met because they both taught at the school.

She is on this list because she was his common-wife when he was kicked out in the 1970s for sexually abusing a student and when he was kicked out in the 1990s, probably for asking a student out.

She may currently be part of 5805's caregiving team; he is reported to be ill and incapacitated. One of her children attended the school


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333147-k came to teach at the school in the late 1960s. She is married to 5324, and their child and step-child (by 333147-k's previous husband) both attended the school.

She has admitted to suspecting the sexual abuse of children during the 1970s and admitted to knowing that 6336 sexually abused a student during the 1980s while it was occurring. She says she was present at board and faculty meetings where this abuse was discussed, but because the girls' parents said they didn't mind, the school felt there wasn't much to do.

333147-k's rationale is that it was a different time, and women felt girls should be able to take care of themselves. There was also a sense that you didn't bother other people's business.


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494302-k was a music teacher at 1-sch-L in the early 1970s and the mother of a survivor of 5744. 5744 dated 494302-k, possibly to gain access to her daughter. It is not known if 494302-k knew about the abuse at the time, but her daughter was very vocal about it, so it seems safe to say she learned about it at some point.


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571804-k is the wife of 2442. Supposedly he was married to someone else when he came to the school, then somehow ended up with here. They lived within walking distance of the school and often had students over, usually male members of the school's sports teams. She taught chemistry and biology.

With her husband, 571804-k had dinner with a student 5744 was abusing shortly after she had run away with 5744 and was living with him.

571804-k is on this list because her husband was powerful, knew most of what went on at the school, and is known to have been (and still be) close to her. Also her classroom was next to 6336's while he was at the school, and she probably would have been aware that he was having lunch along with a single underaged student (the girl he was abusing) most days.

She is usuaully remembered as a conscientious and thorough teacher who let students play with her guinea pigs during class. She seemed to have a good balance of beind a hard teacher, but kind.


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382422-k was the husband of 3056. He's on this list because it's assumed that, at least by the time she was let go, that she had been fired for sleeping with a male student. Together with 464, 382422-k helped build the school's amphitheter. 382422-k was a kind of maintenance person. He was at the school in the mid-1970s, possibly not for more than a few years.


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145235-k was the wife of 3920. They shared a rather odd last name and appear to have been regarded as a teaching pair. She is on this list because of two assumptions: 1. that 3920 was indeed fired for inappropriate sexual behavior with students and 2. that she was aware of this.

They divorced sometime in the mid-2000s, possibly around the time 3920 left. When they divorced, both parties appear to have changed their names. She continued to teach at the school after he left, then she left herself. She appears to have remarried.


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541448-k is a Lower School teacher and alumni of the school. She graduated in the mid-2000s. 2524 'dated' her and possibly a friend of hers while they were students. After she graduated, she and 2524 got together, married, and had a child. They're now divorced. Both of her parents, 649612-k and 71948-k, both taught at the school in the mid-2000s.

541448-k is one of three survivors known to have come back to work at the school.


✵Note on Faculty and Staff✵

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It's likely that any faculty, staff, or administrator who ever worked for the school for more than three years after 1970 heard stories of abuse at the school. Certainly anyone who ever worked for the school for more than five years after 1970 has heard of abuse at the school.

It is likely that all or almost all of the faculty and staff who worked for the school between 1970 and 1978 knew about the sexual abuse of children while it was going on. For much of this time, there was a pornographic cast of a female student's torso on display on campus. Teachers and staff might not have called it abuse. One teacher who taught during that time who is not known to have abused described teachers as dating students, and said that, at most, people though it was edgy. Being edgy was in keeping with the school pushing boundaries, like the time the school packed all its students into buses and took them to the movies for the afternoon.

The inquiries that went into making this site focused on who the predators were. The information presented here about who knew is mostly information that showed up, like bycatch in a net.

The number of people who knew about the abuse--actionable knowledge that should have been reported to the police--likely is in the low-to-mid hundreds.


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351446-k was an admissions officer for the school in the 1970s, after which, she became a board member. She admitted to knowing about the abuse in 2014, describing how 311, 5477, 3149, and 3807 slept with students. She described how survivors had tried to come forward about the abuse in the 1990s and she derided them as crazy. In particular, she derided them for how they portrayed 5718, speaking with regret and anger over how the survivors blocked his candidacy to the presidency of 3-sch-L. She also spoke with great fondness of 5320, describing how she and 5320 used to go to Al-Anon meetings together. 351446-k attributes 311's sexual abuse of children to his alcoholism, and says it stopped when he got clean. She regards him as misunderstood.

351446-k still has 311's and 5320's artwork displayed prominently in her house, which is in another state. From hearing her speak of him, it's apparent that 311 was an extremely important person in her life. One survivor speaks of a rumor that 311 and 351446-k had an affair, but this is unsubstantiated.

351446-k says that she and 81415-k approached 311 and 5744 about sleeping with students too much. (351446-k differentiated between abusers who simply slept with too many students, and abuser who 'really loved' their students, the say 3149 'really loved' the beautiful student he dated and later married.) She says she wanted to get 311 and 5744 to stop, or at least to cut back. She says 311 and 5477 ignored her, so she went to 3638, whom she says was too weak a leader to do anything. She claims that, because 3638 was too weak to do anything, she and 81415-k set about forcing 3638 out, and finally did.

351446-k's story about how she tried to do something about the sexual abuse of children is suspect. For instance, there is a strong rumor that she herself had an affair with 311. For another, she's the only one reporting this story, though 81415-k has not been approached. What is likely is that something occurred around 311 and 5744 going too far with sexually abusing children, and 351446-k was involved in trying to curtail them.

351446-k has particularly strong affection for 5320 and begged for her name to be left out of any inquiries.

351446-k stopped being on staff at the school sometime in the late 1970s--she didn't say exactly why, but intimated that 12218-k, who was married to 3759, didn't like her. After she left the staff, she became a long-time board members, serving into the 1990s.

351446-k went on to a career in local politics in another state, where she jump-started the preservation of a history district of a town, which strengthened the local economy of the area. She stayed touch with 957--she is one of the people repeating the story that 957 was let go for admitting black students who had been kicked out of another local school for activism. (This is odd because her position means she is likely to have known that 975 allegedly embezzled money from the school.

Before 351446-k came to the school, she says she worked for 3-sch-Ot with 5718. At the time, 5718 was still alive, and 351446-k described him as a close friend. She also claimed close friendships with 2442 and 571804-k, stating that her children were close with their children, and she said she was sometimes in touch with 957 (this was before he died). She also claimed to have a retired Senator's cell phone number in her cell phone. It's not clear how much she really still is friends with these people, and how much she is exaggerating.


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345644-k was a high level administrator in the Upper School for two years in the late 1980s. She also taught French. Two students are known to have complained directly to her about 6336 abusing a student. She, along with 3149 and possibly 2442, are believed to have forced one of these students out of school. She helped kick out another student who complained about 6336 and 3149, and kicked out another student who may have complained about the abuse

While she was Head of the Upper School, the faculty, board, and administrators discussed 6336's sexual abuse of a girl, which began before 345644-k arrived. When the girl's parents told the school they didn't mind their daughter 'dating' her teacher, 345644-k almost certainly didn't contact the police or Child Protective Services.

345644-k was probably partly behind the late 1980s purge that ridded the school of 6336, 4057, 6303, and possibly 5102. Therer is no evidence that she ever went to the police about any of them.

345644-k left the school in the late 1980s at the same time as the abusers listed above. She may have been asked to leave, but it seems more likely that she left of her own volition because she was disturbed by the goings on at the school

After she left the school, she became headmistress of a school up in New Jersey. She is now retired. She has refused to speak about the abuse at the school.


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81415-k was a high-level administrator who worked with the Middle Schoolin the 1970s. He preceeded 2309 in this role. 351446-k says that she and 81415-k tried to get 311 and 5477 to stop abusing. He is still alive, but very elderly.


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142510-k started as an administrator in the mid-1980s and left in the mid-2010s after 30 years at the school. She has admitted that she was aware that 6336 was a sexual abuser. It's likely that she knew about most of the abusers whom the school let go between 1986 and the present. She also appears to have been fairly angry with the current administration when she left, though she remains friends with people who still work at 1-sch-L.

She had an affair with 802 and then married him. They had an acrimonious divorce in the late 2000s; 185057-k was a lawyer involved in their divorce.

A source says that 802 allegedly sexually abused her daughter when she was a student at the school. 142510-k denies that he daughter was abused.

142510-k is involved locally in activism to help drug addicts receive treatment before it's too late. Her activism may have put her in contact with 210803-b. She is politically active in supporting local candidates, some of whom are currently serving in office.


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26141-k was a high-level administrator in the late 1980s and 1990s. Befomre coming to 1-sch-L, he was a high-level administrator at 8-sch-N, which closed during his tensure. That also was a progressive school. He also holds a graduate degree from 5-sch-MW. He is known for being a shrewd negotiator and good at raising money. When he came to the school, it was nearly broke. When he left, it had a reasonable endowment.

During his time at the school, several survivors are known to have told him about child sex abuse in the 1970s, and an alum is known to have told him about child sex abuse in the 1980s. A number of teachers who sexually abused children where let go when he was there, and he would have known and been involved in their departures. Finally, he was there when a survivor shouted out that 311 had fucked her at 311's funderal. He was powerful enough that, had he wished for the school to come clean about the child sex abuse that had occurred there, he could have made this happen.

Early in his time at 1-sch-L, 26141-k rehired 6336. Another teacher had what students describe as a nervous breakdown in the classroom, and exhibited strange behavior. So 26141-k rehired 6336, who has been let go right before 26141-k arrived. 6336 started teaching at the school again, and 26141-k was going to rehire him permanently, but a new teacher who had graduated from 1-sch-L in the 1980s told 26141-k that 6336 was let go for having sex with a student. Apparently 26141-k could find no one at 1-sch-L who claimed to know why 6336 was let go. (He'd been gone less than 2 years.) 26141-k didn't rehire 6336, but there is also no evidence that he went to the authorities about him, either. At that point, the abuse was still inside the State's statute of limitations.

In the early-mid 1990s, 311 died, and the school offered to hold a funeral for him on school grounds. A board member told 26141-k this was a bad idea and told him that 311 had sexually abused children. 26141-k accused her of having a "dirty mind" and went ahead with the funeral. At the funeral, a woman who was a survivor stood up and shouted that 311 had fucked her. The school made no public response. 26141-k listened to her story, had her speak with the school lawyers. She may have gotten as far as the State Attorney General's office, but people there dissuaded her from filing suit.

After the survivor spoke up, three other survivors stepped forward and tried to get 26141-k and the school to admit to the child sex abuse. 26141-k had them speak to the school's lawyers. Others may have spoken with the State Attorney General's office and with their own lawyers. The school never made a public statement, nor admitted to the abuse.

One of the survivors who may have spoken with the school at this time was a survivor of 5058. 5058 would have been gone by the time she came forward in the 1990s, but the school--and 26141-k--appear not to have mentioned that he was hired back, nor that 26141-k had recently fired him again for acting inappropriately with a student.

One of the survivors who may have spoken with the school at this time claims she is a survivor of 2442 and 3149. 26141-k could have have either or both fired, but did not.

26141-k told a survivor that all private schools had sex abuse problems. This is speculation, but 26141-k may simply have considered dealing quietly with child sex abuse to be part of the cost of doing business at a private school.

While he was dealing with the survivors coming forward, 26141-k also quietly got rid of 3943, 3826, and 105. See their entries under Profiles.

A survivor who was particularly persistent in trying to get the school to admit to the abuse in the 1990s believes that 26141-k may have left because he was afraid she was going to publish something about the abuse.

26141-k went on to be a high-level officer of an organization that acts as a governming body for over 100 private schools in the Mid-Atlantic region.



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191129-k was a high-level administrator in the 2000s and 2010s. She was well-liked, conscious of appearance, and known for both increasing the school's endowment tremendously and for getting on a plane every weekend to go home to another state. She is now deceased.

In the early 2000s, a teacher and a survivor both raised concerns that 6207 had been seen sexually abusing ('making out with') a girl who was a student at the school. She ignored these concerns and appears not to have investigated further.

314050-k's began to play a more important role on the board under 191129-k.

During her time at the school, 2524 dated a student. After she graduated, he married her, and they had a child. 191129-k appears not to have questioned the situation. 191129-k went on to hire the woman, 541448-k, to teach in the Lower School. While she was at he school, 3920, 4632, and 1155 were let go--possibly for acting inappropriatly with students. 5002 was also let go quickly and without a trace of having been there.


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173622-k was a high-level administrator in the preschool who worked at the school for almost 30 years. She is also the parent of children who attended the school.

She admits that she heard of sexual abuse at the school, but thought it was in the past, before her children hit high school. When asked why she never said anything to anyone or asked questions, she really didn't have an answer.

✵Note on Administrators✵

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Most administrators probably knew. Those who are currently there probably knew before the story of child sex abuse at the school broke. 3149 was a high-level administrator for years. Others on the abuser list were also high-level administrators. Many predators were quietly fired from the school over the last 40+ years. It's hard to know what went on with these firings because administrators at the school are notoriously closed-mouthed, but someone had to do the paperwork to get rid of these men and women.

One administrator from the 1990s who did talk said the administration knew of teachers acting inappropriately with students ('dating' students, stalking).

Again, this site didn't set out ot make a list of who knew. The administrators who are listed here are people whose names came up, sometimes again and agains, as having known.


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311329-k was a teacher who went on to become head of the Lower School. Her students tend to remember her with fondness and love.

In the mid-1990s, a survivor asked 311329-k to come with her to discuss the abuse with the then-current administration. 311329-k is on this list because she almost certainly heard about the abuse from the 1970s at that time. After this, she continued to teach at the school for (by estimate) another 15 years, during which time the school never went public about the abuse.


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160348-k is a current board member and was a board member in th 1990s when survivors formally told the school that they had been abused. 160348-k's response to both of them was to tell them to look at pictures of themsleves when they were young because they were so beautiful, the abusers could not help themselves. Along with 26141-k, he was part of the schools' non-response in the 1990s to credible allegations of long-term child sex abuse.

160348-k was probably president of the board at some point, probably in the 1980s or 1990s. Note: despite having the same last name, is he not known to be related to a recent Mayor of the town.


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522302-k was a board member, probably in the 1990s. He was also involved with 3-sch-L. When 3-sch-L put forward 5718 as a candidate for 3-sch-L's presidency, two survivors of abuse at 1-sch-L came forward and told 3-sch-L about the abuse. 522302-k was one of the people whom they told. He may have been one of the people who subsequently blocked 5718's candidacy, but there is also no evidence that he went to the police. 522302-k is deceased. His daughter, 344061-b, is currently on the school's board.


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412324-k was a high-ranking board member in the late 1970s and early 1980s. She was likely involved in raising funds for the renovation of the Science Building, which involved adding a second floor. She was close to 5759; she knew him when he was a teacher at 1-sch-N and she was a student. She also sent her children to the school.

A few years ago, a friend called her to ask her about the abuse at the school on behalf of someone else. The friend called, and the third party (the asker) was in the room, so the friend hit speakerphone. 412324-k spoke of how 311, 5744, 3149 had abused at the school, and described how 5759 had abused at his previous school, 1-sch-MA. She has since denied that this phone call took place. 412324-k has admitted that 5744 'slept with' a student, but rationalized his actions by saying that he was only a few years older than she was at the time, perhaps only 21. (He was at least 30.) 412324-k invested in properties and fixed them up; 5744 worked for her as a carpenter, including working alongside her children. One of 412324-k's sons died of suicide. A source believes it was related to abuse, possibly at the school. The three known abusers who abused boys fro that time are 6306, 311, and 5102. So far, he has not been linked with these. 311 wasn't at the school most of the time her children attended, but he lived in the neighborhood where she invested in properties, so her children may have ended up at his house. A family member may have been physically and emotionally abusive toward her children--this would have put her children at risk for abuse at the school. 412324-k believes her son's death was due solely to mental illness and had nothing to do with sexual abuse.

412324-k was involved in the local arts community through her second husband. He performed in the same venues as 311, 5744, and probably 4357. Her association with the local arts scene may have come in the years after these people left the school, but all three stayed in the area, so it's likely she would have run into them.

412324-k is a generous donor to the school. She donated money for a section of a building to be named after a family member. She also directs donors toward donating to the school. She has local power, influence, and connections, particularly in the artistic community. When people wish to make a significant donation to the school, her response is to invite them over to her house for a glass of wine. This suggests a situation where giving money to the school can give a person, perhaps a wealthy newcomer, an instant connection with one of the more powerful people in the local arts scene. 412324-k may also know 185057-k and 210803-b. So well-off people who move to the area who want an instant connection to significant members of the town's community can probably do so by going through 412324-k to give money to the school

In the 1950s and 1960s, the town was a popular place for Black performing artists to play. Artists who were nationally and internationally known would stop over to perform. There were beaches nearby that were historically black, and segregation ensured they stayed black. Some of them became popular destinations for well-to-do African Americans and their families, and black musicians would show up to perform. The violence that took place nationally after King's death, the vindictive manner in which integration was implemented in the area, and the the gentrification that began in the 1970s shut all this down.

Artistically, the town became a graveyard. All it had going for it were the rather cute Renaissance-themed performances at 2-sch-L, a bunch of white musicians and artists who took up on 13-oth-L and who performed at 3-oth-L. 412324-k was married to a musician involved with a group of some national note that occasionally played at 3-oth-L.

The town is now becoming something of a (white) artistic destination now. Unfortunately, the long history of black performers and holiday-makers is gone.

412324-k was part of the local arts revival. She is rumored to have been quietly instrumental in bringing the arts back to the town.


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255536-k attended the school in the 1970s and his children also attended the school. According to 5320, one of his children was abused by 6207. Because of when he attended, it's assumed that he knew at least a bit about the abuse. He is still on the board.

255536-k is the son of a local construction materials maker and grew the business immensely; he became a local construction materials magnate. He has been a major donor to the school--a thing at the school is named after his children. He has been a board member probably since the 1990s. It is not known if he was aware of the abusers who were let go in the 1990s.


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290839-k was a high-ranking board member in the mid and late-1980s and possbily into the early 1990s. He was the scion of a famed banking family, graduate of a famed science school, and liked fancy cars, particulary if they were fast. He is not known to have worked, but is known to have been involved in women's rights locally. Specifically, he helped bring a Planned Parenthood facility to the town. His children all attended the school, but they all did not graduate.

In the late 1980s, 290839-k confided in another board member that he believed 311 had sexually abused one of his children.

290839-k is deceased.


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203856-k was a board member and the father of a girl and student at the school whom 5744 began sexually abusing in the mid-1970s. According to one story, 203856-k had 5744 kicked out when he found out that 5744 was sleeping his daughter. According to another, 203856-k had 5744 kicked out when he found out that 5744 had impregnated his daughter. In either case, his daughter was under the age of 18 at the time.

203856-k may have had 5744 kicked out of the school, but there is no evidence that he went to the authorities.

It's likely that 2442 and his wife, 571804-k, were aware of that 203856-k's daughter was being abused--at least, they were after 5744 left the school. They had dinner with 5744 and the girl shortly after 5744 was kicked out.

Note: there is no evidence, that, had 203856-k gone to the authoriteis, the authorities would have done anything. The county was fairly wild in the 1970s, and even 20 years later, the police seemed relatively unconcerned about the sexual abuse of children at 1-sch-L.



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373956-k was a high-ranking member of the board and prominent medical doctor in the state. His children went to the school. None are known to have been abused, but only two so far have been asked directly about this.

I the mid-2010s, source ran into 373956-k and got to talking. He revealed that he knew about 3807's sexual abuse of 366355-k when she was a child and 3149's abuse of the student he married when she was a child. It's not clear when he learned of the abuse, but as a medical doctor, he would have had a mandate to report no matter when he heard. There is no evidence that he ever reported the abuse to the authorities.

Initially, he was sympathetic to the project of getting the story of the abuse out in the open, but he quickly changed his mind.


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12218-k was the wife of 5759. She also served on the board and their children attended the school. It is assumed that she was aware of why her husband was let go from 1-sch-MA.

People who remember the couple from the late 1970s remember that 12218-k was very angry at her husband and hard on him, to the point where people around them had sympathy for him.

351446-k stated that she and 12218-k did not get along.

This is speculation, but 12218-k may have helped push 351446-k out of the school. Once she was out, 12218-k may have diminished 351446-k's position on the board. 351446-k has stated that 12218-k suppressed 351446-k's power, but it's no where near clear what the whole story is.

12218-k would have been on the board in the 1980s when the board discussed 6336's sexual abuse of a student. It's not clear if all board members were present at these meetings; however, it is very likely that her husband would have known.

12218-k is deceased.


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314050-k is currently a high-ranking board member. In the early 2000s, a survivor from an earlier decade told her that 6207 was seen sexually abusing a student. 314050-k's response was that 6207 was too popular, and 314050-k appears to have done nothing further.

At the time 314050-k's son was a student and was acting as a severe bully--he bullied in tandem with his friend, the son of 3807 and 366355-k. The two of them bullied a slightly plump girl and continued to bully her after she came down with an eating disorder--the school knew and did nothing. Their bullying involved cyber-bullying (this was before there really was a name for it). The girl finally left the school.

This bullying is sinificant because 6207 may have been acting as a mentor to 314050-k's son. Speculation is that 314040-k may have been reluctant to act against a man whom she regarded as helping her son. At the time this occurred, she wasn't a high-ranking board member; again this is speculation, but she may have been concerned about how outing a teacher would affect her position in the school community.

At least one other board member knew of this bullying and did nothing.

314050-k is in charge of a popular festival the school puts on every year. This position may give her standing in the local arts community. Certainly, this festival has become yearly destination for local speakers of note.


✵Note on board members✵

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This list only gives board members where there is fairly concrete information indicating that an individual knows.

Many board members likely knew. 6336's sexual abuse of an underaged student was allegedly discussed by the board in the late 1980s, though one board member from that time has said he doesn't remember this--so perhaps the entire board was not part of this discussion. A source who was on the board for decades states that everyone knew that teachers had 'relationships' with students, and no one really thought anything of it. In the 1970s, a teacher was thrown out for sleeping with the daughter of a board member--his colleagues on the board likely knew.

Inquiries into who on the board knew have been hampered by the school's reluctance to list the names of former board members.

Other things members of the board knew

  • In the mid-1970s, a teacher was kicked out for sleeping with the daughter of a board member. It seems likely that other board members knew about this.
  • In the late 1980s, the school arranged a senior party for that year's seniors. It took place in a house within walking distance of the school. (This house was owned by parents who had children who weren't seniors at the school.) The school sent home permission forms to parents stating that beer and wine would be served. The board must have known about this. (In reality, it was mostly hard liquor that was served, and almost the entire class was locked in a basement with a wet bar. Boys tried to get girls drunk so that they could pair off girls with boys and put these couples into the closet that was down there. The son of a board member was among those at the party.)
  • In the early-mid 1990s, a survivor stood up at the funeral of 311 and shouted out that he had fucked her. The funeral was held at the school. Before the funeral, a board member spoke up at a board meeting and said that having the funeral at the school was a bad idea because 311 had slept with students. A high-level administrator, 26141-k, accused her of having a dirty mind. After the funeral, members of the board must have been aware of what occurred.
  • There is an unsubstantiated rumor that the school arranged pensions for a few long-serving teachers, probably in the late 1980s or sometime in the 1990s. The rumor states that 3149 was one of those teachers and that he may still be receiving a pension from the school. If teachers received pensions, the board likely would have been in on these arrangements. It's not clear if these pensions were to be paid out over time or in a lump sum.
  • In the late 1990s, 105 stood up in front of the entire school at graduation to give a speech about a student. During the speech, it became apparent that he was having some sort of relationship with her, possibly sexual. Many board members were probably in the audience.
  • In the mid-2000s, 2524 married a former student; rumors that he had been 'dating' her while she was a student aren't hard to find. It's hard to believe that at least a few board members didn't notice.

Many of the statements above are also true for faculty, staff, and administrators.

One former board member observed that, in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, the school didn't necessarily let on to the board what was going on. Also, as with the school in general, there appears to have been an in-group and an out-group with the board. People not in the in-group may have been less informed.


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284445-k was 311's last girlfriend. When asked about the abuse, she claimed that 311 had loved the girl with her consent--meaning specifically the girl who yelled out that 311 had fucked her at 311's funeral. 351446-k and 28444-k are in touch with each other and might be considered friends, or at least acquaintances. 311 appears to have been one of the most important people in her life. Together, they raised an orphan, 351446-k, who is now a police officer in a town off in the countryside of the state.

Montserrat. Possible connection with 3149. 311's art in her basement. She was the recipient of much of his artwork in his will. took care of him when he was dying. Possibility his photographs--and perhaps evidence of child rape, may exist in her basement.


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185057-k is a lawyer who was involved in 311 and 5320's divorce. She also was involved in the divorce of 3087 and 366355-k, and may have been involved in the divorce of 3149 and the student he married, and she was involved in the divorce of 802 from 142510-k. She also worked on 311's will.

311 had his art collection go through a detailed and fairly extravagant appraisal before he died, so 185057-k may have gone through his collection with him shortly before he died.

In the late 1960s, she was involved locally with the McGovern campaign, which she worked on with 311 and 512721-k.

185057-k is a kingmaker in local politcs. Candidates in her party often feel they need her endorsement to win, and they may be right. She was on the short list to manage the campaign of a recent candidate who is now a freshman in the House of Delegates. She is well-connected in the local arts community, knows the current mayor, and is known to be friends with 210803-b.

It would be nice to know if 185057-k has any connections with 45937-b, the former special prosecutor assigned by the county to look into the case agaisnt 1-sch-L and against abusers who worked there. The case appeas to have stalled. 45937-b is now a judge.


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512721-k was a local lawyer involved locally in woman's activism. She was married to 311 before he married 5320. 512721-k appears in a yearbook photo with 3149 and is said to have promoted women's rights activism at the school in the early 1970s. They lived together in a house about 10 miles to the west of town--this may have been 512721-k's house. They are reputed to have had a sexually open marriage. 311 sexually abused children as young as 13 in that house; it is possible, even likely, that 512721-k knew he abused children there.

512721-k, 311, and 185057-k worked together locally on the McGovern campaign. There is a good change 185057-k and 512721-k were friends. 512721-k is deceased.


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150211-k is a professor emeritus of 3-sch-L. He apparently knew about the abuse at the school and strongly dissuaded someone who was trying to ask questions about it. His wife, 640206-k, was associated with the school. There is a chance his daughter attended, and his granddaughter is known to have attended. His granddaughter may be a witness to the abuse at the summercamp.


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640206-k is the wife of 150211-k. She is also reputedly his former student at 3-sch-L. She may have worked at 1-sch-L in the 1970s. See 150211-k for further details.


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121603-k was a member of 4357's band. (It's not clear when the band started--it may have overlapped with 4357's time at the school, but probably came after.) 121603-k has talked on social media about how there was an anything goes mentality about sex with schoolchildren at 1-sch-L. A survivor says he recently slut-shamed her at a gathering.

He still plays locally and may be friends with several alumni.


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381309-k was the girlfriend of 5718 when he taught at the school. She may have been in competition with a girl 5718 was sexually abusing--in competition for his affections. She apparently was at the school a great deal. She went on to marry him and was his wife through the times he was politically powerful and up to his death. They had children together.


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96015-k was the wife of 2309 when he taught at the school and went he left. They're still married. She's on the list because it's assumed she knows why he was asked to leave the school.


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324032-k has been his common-law wife from before when he taught at the school through the present. She would have been present when he had students over at their apartment in 10-oth-L and at 11-oth-L. If he gave students alcohol and cocaine, she mostly likely was around for that.

in the late 1980s or early 1990s, 6336 encouraged a recent graduate of 1-sch-L to 'share' 324032-k, meaning to be sexual with her with 6336's blessing. This made the recent graduate very uncomfortable.

Because 324032-k was around when 6336 was fired from the school both times, the assumption is that she knew why. She probably was also part of his life when he was let go from 3-sch-N. Ostensibly they met at 7-sch-N when she was an undergrad and he was a grad student.

She teaches at 3-sch-MW where she has tenure. 6336 has access to college-age students through her. They have an adopted daughter who may be nearing her teen years.


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266117-k is the mother of the girl 6336 abused. When students told the school 6336 was abusing this girl, the school told her parents. Her parents' response was that they didn't mind the situation.

The girl's peers and peers of her younger sibling believe there was abuse in the girl's household, though they aren't sure exactly what kind.


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143853-k is the father of the girl 6336 abused. When students told the school 6336 was abusing this girl, the school told her parents. Her parents' response was that they didn't mind the situation.

The girl's peers and peers of her younger sibling believe there was abuse in the girl's household, though they aren't sure exactly what kind.


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450331-b was a local politician whose children went to the school. One of his children hung out at 311's house in Eastport after 311 left the school, and may have hung out there before 311 left the school. The child was underage at the time. His house was near 311's.

After Martin Luther King was shot, several towns/cities in the state erupted into riots and had sections burn. This state had lynchings in the 20th century; integration occurred late and was done clumsily, even with a note of vengeance on the part of white people, and black people feared that gentrification would push them out of areas where their families lived for generations, in many cases as part of a freedman population dating back to well before the Civil War.

450331-b was and a local black activist were close friends from childhood. They went from house to house, knocking on people's doors to make sure folks were ok. Their actions are credited with keeping people from razing the town.

450331-b was an influential politician and person, also someone who kinda knew everything about what was going on in the town. He was married to 210803-b who also entered politics. 450331-b is deceased.


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210803-b was married to 450331-b. She also went into local politics. The children described in 450331-b's entry are hers, too. She continues to be influential politically, and has particular ties to the arts community, having connections to 4-oth-L. She is friends with 185057-k and 412324-k and is a supporter and friend of the current town mayor.


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530359-b was a prominent local African American doctor known to have provided birth control to at least one student at 1-sch-L. 5320 is known to have sent a student to 530359-k when she was a student; from the way the source described what happened, it seems that 5320 probably sent other students to him. He may have been th go-to person for birth control for students who were sleeping with 311, and possibly other teachers, at 1-sch-L in the early 1970s

Racial politics were tense in the late 1960s, early 1970s. People thought the town might burn, as did other towns in the state. (See under 450331-b for how this didn't happen.) Not only was 530359-k was a known proponent of Civil Right, back when that could get a doctor blacklisted, but here he was giving a white girl birth control. The risk he took could have had dire implications for his practice, and his and his family's personal safety.

He went on to serve in local politics. A road is named after him. He is now deceased.


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344061-b is the daughter of 522302-k and is currently a member of the school's board. Because she graduated in '04, she may have heard of the abusers who were active in the late 1990s and early 2000s.


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322118-b was the mother of 4512 and was friends with 412324-k; it's not known if they're still in contact. She was a board member in the late 1970s and in the 1980s.

At some point, she divorced her husband and became estranged from him, so she may have been a single mother while her 4512 was a student at the school. The assumption is that she may have known of the abuse in the 1970s because of her relationship with 412324-k and because of when she was on the board and might have known about . It's not known if she is aware that her son allegedly molested some of his peers while they were drunk at a part. She has been contacted and has declined to speak.

She's listed because she was friends with 412324-k and to demonstrate that being a board member does not protect your child from abuse at 1-sch-L.

She was the executor of her son's estate after he committed suicide. Dealing with his estate was a messy situation that went on for a number of years.

She has been contacted, but isn't interested in participating in any inquiries into the abuse. Because her only son committed suicide, the community should respect her wishes.



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351446-b is the adopted son of 284445-k whom 311 helped raise. She found him on the streets of 1-oth-I and took him in. 351446-b is now a policeman in a small Mid-Atlantic town about 35 miles away from where he grew up.


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285743-b was the president of 15-sch-L. He and 311 appear to have been friends. He was also 284445-k's employer.


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373052-b was a school secretary who lived next to 3638 and on the edge of 6-oth-L.


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643722-b works at the school and is married to 802. She conducted a long-time affair with him before marrying him.


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45937-b was a county prosecutor placed in charge of the case against the school. There is no reason to believe she knew about the abuse before that time.

She is on this list because she left her role as prosecutor to become a judge. As part of her appointment, she will have to run for the position after she has served a certain amount of time. It's possible that people associated with the school will contribute to her campaign. If this occurs, and she accespt the money, this may send a message to the police to curtail any investigations.


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200819-b was a board member of the school in the early 1970s. His children also attended the school. He was probably the husband of 373052-b.

He was part of the group that fired 957. It is likely that he was aware that 957 stole money from the school.


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174523-b worked as a high-level cabinet member and advisor for several Presidential administrations. There's no reason to believe he knew about the abuse at the school; he's here because 174523-b was 5718's mentor.


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114133-b was a prominent female teacher at the school in the late 1960s and early 1970s. She reputedly convinced 45957-b to come to the school.


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294850-b was a high-level board member in the 1970s. He came up with the school's distinctive mascot.


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382112-b was a powerful board member in the 1970s and possibly the 1980s. Her children went to the school. One survivor involved with bringing the story out belielves there's a chance she may have known.


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71948-b was a teacher at the school in the 2000s. She was married to 649612-b. Their children attended the school. Her daughter, 541448-k, was allegedly sexually abused by 2524 in the early-mid 2000s. The daughter and 2524 later married.


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649612-b was a teacher at the school in the 2000s. He was married to 71948-b. Their children attended the school. His daughter, 541448-k, was allegedly sexually abused by 2524 in the early-mid 2000s. The daughter and 2524 later married. 649612-b is now a psychological counsellor who practices locally.


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291639-b became head of the Lower School after 311329-k and was known to be close with her. On paper, she is the boss of 541448-k and of another person who is allegedly a survivor of abuse at the school. She has taught at the school since the mid-1970s.


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45957-b was the head of the music department from the early 1970s until she retired in the 1990s. She was brough on by 114133-b. 45957-b was responsible for brining the Orff method to the school--the school is now famous for teaching music using this method.

No reason has emerged to indicate that she was involved with the abuse or with protecting the abusers, but she overelapped with 5744, who worked with Upper School music. It's rumored that 802 store a great deal of her work for his thesis, then took over the music department from her, somewhat against her will.

She may also have been a victim of domestic abuse.